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01-19-2012, 05:47 PM
Hello Everyone,

I'm fairly new to this website/forum. Been lurking for a while and picking up tons of great info. Thanks to everyone for that.

I'm looking to attend one of the large tradeshows....either Transworld or MHC. I'm not a "pro" haunter, but put on a good outdoor show every year. My sister still lives in my hometown in eastern PA in a section of neighborhood where things GO OFF during Halloween. During the peak of the night the streets honestly look like Mardi Grai. I head back there every year and my sister and I set up the yard and get friends involved (our actors). We've received a lot of attention for our show.

Anyhow, so i'm not a pro, and do most of it DIY (i have a stage/prop design work history), but i'm really interested in upping the stakes...possibly even starting to segway some of this into a career. A lot of credit is due to Allen and his great Youtube channel for the inspiration and motivation to just quit talking and start making.

I believe Transworld requires you to be a "pro" of some sort or to have already spent some serious cash with a vendor. I have yet to spend serious money with anyone, but the point in going to a tradeshow is to possibly do just that. Both tradeshows are exactly the same distance from me right now (i'm in KY). However my house could be selling during June so it's difficult to make definite plans for MHC.

I'm looking to see if anyone can give me some pros and cons of each show and also let me know if there's a way to attend Transworld. Is MHC also for "pros" only, or is that one completely open?

Thanks again.


01-19-2012, 06:47 PM
I would recommend transworld if you only get to go to one. It may be labeled just for "pro" haunts but there are a lot of home-haunters that come to transworld and actors, helpers etc. that don't plan on spending millions once they get there. Lots of people just go to get ideas etc. however, from a vendor standpoint they would like everyone to be qualified buyers....which I would definately want the same if I was selling products because they pay high dollar to be there. Some of the seminars are good, meeting other haunters is good, and even though you may or may not plan on spending lots of money....you will see so many things that you will want I promise you can't go without buying at least something. Even if you don't buy anything getting the contact info for all of the vendors and the catalogs will help you find the things you need later in the year or even next year when you can't find it by an internet search.

01-19-2012, 07:06 PM
In order to register to attend you need to fax your "credentials". If you're not an owner/operator then (according to their site) you need to either 1) work for one, 2) have an industry related invoice of $200 or more, or 3) an invitation letter from an exhibitor. Without that, it seems, you can't attend. Is that correct or am i missing something?

Seems I either need to spend $200 with a vendor before attending or somehow get one to invite me. Doesn't appear open to someone in my current situation.

I'd really like to go to see all that is out there, what others are doing, speak with vendors, go to some seminars, make some connections, etc etc. (and yes, perhaps spend a little money).