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01-20-2012, 07:03 AM
Ok guys. We've decided to build a nice facade for our haunt entrances. We may even have a small facade in front of the building, but the building is in a secluded area and may not need anything. (opinions on that as well if you want)

So here's my dilema. I've calculated very closely on what I'll need for construction on my haunt wall panels. The way I have them designed, most dark panels will be cheap OSB (some already bought @ $4.55 each) and the rooms that are going to be detailed will have Luan instead for the smoothness. Anyways, I'm looking at roughly needing $3,000 for the construction, leaving another $4 for extra prop building etc.

My question is this. My facade. We want to have at least 2 elements. A main haunt, and one less scary, that's like a moving museum if you will. It'll have scattered rooms with mini mazes in between rooms. We're going to charge $10 a haunt, $17 combo. (opinions here? friends say according to my designs, I need to charge $13-15 each)

I can't think of a facade design that is nice for only 2 doors!!! My idea is basically like the Angel of Death design from Scarefactory. It has 3 doors. One nice big, attractive one in the center. If I have only 2 haunts, is there anything you guys can think of to put in there that'll use that third door?

Thanks, any help / opinions is appreciated.


I did think of having ONE door with this style of facade and have it split into two pathways just past the front gate / door. Just let the patrons choose which one they want to go in, but I'm not sure how smooth that'll work with tickets and all. Plus that'll bottleneck the flow imo.

01-20-2012, 07:54 AM
We've located a hearse and thought about buying it. It's $1,800 and comes with a casket! The building I think we're going to get, has a big door in the back. I just thought, we put our version of "The Last Ride" in that door way! We can build a long hallway that goes around the fire exits of the haunts that leads to that back bay dock and have the hearse there.

I think this would work.

Our version is this. We have a casket on a hi rise stage. Customer gets on stage and into coffin. We put them in the coffin and slide it into the hearse. (one man op. we've tested it for a funeral home except they have a conveyor to help)
So then we take them for a ride around the building. This will give people outside something to watch as well. Then at the end, we pump the coffin with the scented air and play the track with the sounds.