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Howie Slobber Erlich
01-21-2012, 06:58 AM
One of my former actors has just become a published author. His new book The "R" Word deals with the controversial subject of religion and goes about it in a very interesting way. I understand that he plans on writing a book about how a haunted house crew and actors can become a family. He met his wife at my haunt. I am about half way through the book and find it entertaining and informational.

Here is a brief description of the book:
The elephant in the room just got shrunk! In 2011, debut author Denny Hundiak conducted a social experiment attempting to debunk the unspoken understanding that discussing religion between civilized people should be considered impolite, or even taboo. After conducting interviews with twelve very different people from twelve very different social backgrounds, educational backgrounds, and faith practices, the humble author arranged the contents of those interviews into one in-depth and daring conversation about the nature of God, Religion, and Ethical Behavior. Both irreverently funny and mildly offensive, The 'R' Word: Discussing the World's Most Controversial Topic serves as a window into the mindset of modern faith practitioners. From the foul-mouthed Rock Star Atheist, and the Encyclopedic Buddhist Master's Candidate, to the unapologetically funny Agnostic Filmmaker, and the Evangelical Christian Blogger. Every reader should be able to find at least one voice to represent their own views within this book. And at least one voice with whom they completely disagree. But that's the point, isn't it? All too often within our world, we allow our differences to separate us. In the case of Religion, it's considered more acceptable to tell someone that they are going to go to Hell, than to question your own beliefs in search of a compromise. It's more common place to fight about Religion, or Faith, or God, than it is to discuss these things. When did compassion become relegated to only those who believe what you believe? When did personal discovery and personal growth get thrown out of the window? When the Hell did asking questions become a bad thing? It's time to join the conversation. The 'R' Word allows readers to step inside of the new movement which discusses not only what makes us different, but what makes us the same. Instantly accessible and understandable in its explanations, this book should appeal to theists and non-theists alike. Written to reflect an on-going conversation between the twelve participants, The 'R' Word both asks and answers some of life's hardest questions. All while encouraging the reader to start asking those questions themselves. To friends. To family. To anyone you're comfortable with. Because human history, the progression of our shared species, and our understanding of the world around us did not come about by remaining silent. Progress demands Curiosity. And Curiosity leads to Questioning. So start questioning. And ... JOIN THE CONVERSATION!

If this interests you at all you can check it out on Amazon at the following link:


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Howie Slobber Erlich
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