View Full Version : How To Gain Access to These Forums

01-23-2012, 03:04 PM
We get hundreds of people who attempt to sign up for the forums and 95% of them we delete. We have no idea if you are a spammer or not so we just use our best judgement... so how do you avoid this?

1) If you sign up an account you should email someone from the forum asking for your account to be approved...this way we know you are real. You can start by emailing myself, Shane, or Allen.

2) If you have a funky email address or more specific using gmail, hotmail, etc you are more likely to be deleted. If you have a bunch of numbers in your email it will get deleted.

3) How do you get almost instant approved... pick a better user name! Gina5654 will get deleted but GinaHaunter will not be deleted. Do you have your haunted house name as your user name or in your email you will get approved. Pick a more haunted themed user name and you will get approved. If your user name is Patrick you are probably getting deleted...now if you Pick PatrickHaunts you will get approved.

4) If you are NOT a member of the forum signed in you can not view photos and a lot of information you would be allowed to see otherwise so get an account and get it approved.