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RJ Productions
02-06-2012, 01:14 PM
12007Although we are still working out details, as stated Larry is opening Raven's Manor, his trailer style haunt. Not being able to actually staff and operate the attraction, it is more of a behind the scenes tour. You will be able to walk through the attraction, see the rooms, see how the attraction is set up. To enhance this aspect of the tour I have agreed to be on hand and answer questions you may have about the Trailer Haunt Concept.

Now remember I did not build this attraction, but having written a number of article on the concept, we can use the attraction to visualize how this style of haunt can be presented and possibly utilized in your market.

Since time there is limited, I thought it would be best if you came to the tour prepared. I had told a couple people to make sure they read the Hauntworld aticles on the Trailer Style Haunt first so that they would see the right things and ask the right questions. Several stated that they did not have the first articles. Unfortunately the first two articles I wrote in issues 1&2 are no longer in print!!

So to make sure you come prepared, I am making all the articles I have writting on the Trailer Concept available on line!

You need only go to my web site:http://LasVegasHaunts.com .

On the upper tabs you will find ARTICLES. Click on it and it takes you to a page that lists the articles, gives a brief discription and allows you to download a pdf of the article. These are not scans of the articles from the magazine, but pdfs of the word files with the pictures included that I send to Larry to be formatted into the magazine.

Besides the articles on the Trailer Haunts, I have also included several other articles. Remember as it states, these articles are for your personal use only. If you want to reprint or use the information contained it is not a problem, you just need to contact me for authorization. I will post additional articles, maybe even some web only articles so check back.

So if you are going to the tour, go prepared. Read the articles, think of what questions you want answered, go there looking for your answers, then ask if you don't see it. It should be fun!!! See you at Creepyworld!!


02-06-2012, 06:06 PM
Thank you Rich for the information on the trailer haunt tour portion of the Creepyworld experience. I'm sure many haunters will have tons of questions for you and I look forward to speaking with you about it as well.
We have entertained the idea of a trailer haunt expansion ourselves and want to see how these haunts work.
Hopefully I will get time to talk to you before the tour begins and I think the Ravens Manor trailer haunt will be a great starting point for an evening of fun with the Zombie Safari Paintball Hayride and Lemp Haunted House.
I might add seating for this tour is limited to the coaches on hand. There will be no more coaches available for the evening so purchase your tickets today before the seats are sold out!

Go to www.thedarkness.com to get your tickets today!

Zombie Safari Paintball Hayride/ Ravens Mansion Trailer Haunt/The Haunting of The Lemp Tour

RJ Productions
02-14-2012, 03:00 AM
Thanks Greg, you're right space and time is limited so anyone interested should sign up asap! As I stated, this should be a great experience, to get the most from it I suggest you come prepared to the tour. Go to my website, download and read the articles. Formulate your questions and if the tour does not answer your questions, hopefully I will. This will be fun...tour a haunt...shoot zombies...sounds like a great night out in St. Louis!!!

Just go to :http://LasVegasHaunts.com Click on "ARTICLES", download and read!

See you in St. Louis!!