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02-07-2012, 06:35 PM

My name is John Cowan. I am a big fan, customer, and creator of Haunt and Halloween. I am a home haunter in South Alabama. I am writing this post today on behalf of the home haunting community and Hauntcast.

You all know firsthand that the Halloween and Haunt Industry is a billion dollar industry and growing. Home haunters are spending more and more money every year. Every year there are more of us too. You have to look no further than the almost 28,000 members on Halloweenforum.com. Hauntforum.com has almost 9000 members and there are many other groups with significant numbers. I believe home haunters are beginning to make up more of the bigger vendors yearly business. It goes without saying we visit haunted houses. Using myself as an example, I can tell you I travel in a several hour radius of my home to visit haunts every year. I am always disappointed that I did not get to see more haunts. I like to see small haunts, large haunts, and everything in between. I also purchase haunt products from vendors of all sizes. I am flying to St. Louis next month to attend Transworld and take some classes. I am not alone, I know many of my counterparts will be at Transworld too.

Are you familiar with the Hauntcast podcast? If not, I encourage you to check it out at hauntcast.net. I am trying as a huge fan and supporter of Hauntcast to bring attention to the monthly podcast. The “scream team” is great. I am reaching out in an effort to get some help supporting Hauntcast. Helping to resurrecting Hauntcast by supporting the show would be a great opportunity to increase your visibility with home haunters and help a great group of haunters further their podcast. We all started somewhere and along the way got a few helping hands. If you haven’t heard of it, check it out. If you like it, tell your friends!



02-11-2012, 06:00 PM
I am not sure if anyone is following our efforts to bring Hauntcast back. If your not, the deal for subscribers is getting sweeter by the day. Today Chris announced that Juneau Studios is raffling off his Lizzy Borden Mirror to subscribers of Hauntcast. It’s a $2500 value. The mirror measures 2 feet tall by 15 inches wide. Comes with 4 dvds: Blood wrighting, Clown changing portrait, Poltergeist portrait and Lizzy Borden. Each subscriber will get their name thrown into the hat twice doubling your chances to win. The vendor list of discounts for subscribers is growing by the day - check out the benefits here: http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/

02-13-2012, 06:51 PM
Their are thousands of dollars worth of vendor discounts, thousands of dollars in raffle prizes, Hauntcast the Magazine, two shows a month and more. Check out the latest details to "Resurrect Hauncast" at http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/ - There are more new discounts and raffle prizes everyday. I am having a hard time keeping up with everything coming in each day.

02-25-2012, 08:49 AM
The the prize pot grows again! Win a $500 light kit from Mini Spots: Burt from Mini Spot Lights has just upped the ante on his raffle donation - 20 mini spotlights, 10 High output mini spotlights (the chubby), 1 power supply, Spotlight diffusers, 1 dimmer and an assortment of power splitters and connectors. This kit would be a great addition to any home or pro haunt. This set has a value of approximately $500.00. This kit has everything you need to light your scenes and you will have your choice of color for the lights. Subscribe Now: http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/

02-25-2012, 09:08 AM
This is going to seem like a stupid question but I'm going to ask anyway? What is the benefit for me to subscribe to this? BESIDES the vendor discounts, what do I get? I have never podcasted before. I was on the site but I still don't know what the deal is. How often, what do they talk about, etc. Sorry. I'm pretty much a techno caveman.


02-25-2012, 09:28 AM
No stupid questions - unfortunately, Hauntcast has yet to heard by many in the community. I would encourage you to listen to some older episodes, you can download or stream them here: http://hauntcast.net/past-shows/ In addition to the discounts and prizes there is one episode of Hauntcast a month, normally it is 2 - 3 hours long. A second new monthly show, Shocktail Hour, an all Horror show featuring movies, TV, comic, books, magazines, collectables, conventions and anything else horror related. A quarterly magazine is also included. I have listened to the show from day one and it is great. I really wish more people knew about it. It has evolved from a show for home haunters to an all around haunt industry show. Allen Hopps from Stiltbeast Studios has signed on to do the prop segments. The prop segments have always been good but I know it is going to be great with Allen. The cost of the subscription is easily worth the raffle and discounts. You can see all the prizes and discounts here: http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/ - The raffle is very cool because you going to be in a drawing for all these great prizes with a few hundred people - not thousands so your odds of winning something great are good!

02-25-2012, 06:15 PM
I listen to podcasts while building props. It's like you are in a room with a bunch of fellow prop builders cracking jokes and drinking beers. Hauntcast is not only hilariously funny but also has deep insight shared by Revenant's Theater of the Mind who talks about the why's of haunting elements which is kind of like a psychology class in haunting. Chris (the host) and Johnny reviews the latest horror flicks while trading one liners to each other (you will be spitting out your beer), LOL! Shelly spends her time talking about the nostalgia of Halloween, there's a prop segment soon to be featuring Allen Hopps along with DenHaunt. Grimlock drops dark internet links relating to Halloween in Access Hollyween. Ed Gannon talks about aspects in professional haunting in Something Wicked. Also Revenant lets everyone know about the latest news in haunting.

It had a three year run and closed it's doors last Halloween. Us fans are dragging it out of the grave to be resurrected with a fan-based movement that so far has been successful but still needs additional subscribers. What's been amazing is how many vendors have stepped in offering discounts and prizes to help negate the cost of subscribing. It's a win, win, win! There needs to be 250 subscribers by March 8th or it'll be gone forever.

Former Hauntcast fans.... here's your chance to hear Hauntcast again :)

02-27-2012, 11:52 AM
We are quickly approaching the deadline to subscribe. We are currently at 133 subscribers! There are only 12 days left to subscribe. Once we get 17 more subscribers then Chris will be raffling off 3 more Juneau Studios DVDs to celebrate hitting the 150 subscriber mark but you gotta be on board to be eligible for that drawing.

Here is a new Hauntcast update video posted last night on YouTube:


02-28-2012, 07:32 AM
The Hauntcast Resurrection effort had a good day yesterday and hit 140 subscribers. Ten more subscriptions and Chris will raffle off 3 more Juneau Studios DVDs and a set of Hellmouth Haunted House Shot Glasses. Instead of DVDS for the 200 subscriber raffle, Juneau Studios is kindly offering their Fuse Box prop the retails for $350. The discounts and raffle prizes are getting better everyday! http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/


Sailors Grave Haunt
02-29-2012, 01:29 PM
I had been sitting on the fence for awhile, not sure how things would pan out. After talking to Chris on the phone, he reassured me that he and his team were 100% on board with bringing back the industry's best podcast. I stepped up to the plate and subscribed because Hauntcast offers both home and pro haunters great tips and insights into haunting, awesome discounts on haunting supplies, and LMFAO tomfoolery you can't find anywhere else in this industry.

If you've never listened to Hauntcast, take a minute to download and listen to the last episode at http://hauntcast.net/wp-content/uploads/shows/Hauntcast_32.mp3

Please consider subscribing. You will have a fun time listening to this program and get your money back in all of the savings available, not to mention the prizes that will be given out during the year.

03-01-2012, 09:59 AM
We only need 97 more subscriptions! We are on track to drag the Hauntcast Show out of the grave! The raffle and discount benefits are too many to name. You can check them all out at http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/

Hurry and subscribe today!


03-02-2012, 02:32 PM
Help Free Terra Lair's props before it is too late! Hauntcast Show subscriptions are needed in order for the world to be set right again! Don't let Terra's props suffer! Subscribe now at http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/


Sailors Grave Haunt
03-02-2012, 06:16 PM
Help Free Terra Lair's props before it is too late! Hauntcast Show subscriptions are needed in order for the world to be set right again! Don't let Terra's props suffer! Subscribe now at http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/


OMG! This is so funny! Great Job, T!

03-03-2012, 07:13 AM
It's just terrible I tell you. I go down into the workshop and the props are gone! On the workbench were pictures and this ransom note:


03-03-2012, 10:53 PM
We need 30 more subscriptions by this coming Friday. Chris has agreed to green light the show at 200 subscriptions. So if you have been waiting to subscribe, no need to wait any longer! http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/

03-05-2012, 07:21 AM
Wow we only need 22 more subscribers! We will have an April edition of Hauntcast if we get 22 more subscribers by this Friday. once we get 22 more subscriptions, Chris is going to raffle off the Juneau Studios fuse box prop. Once we get to 250 subscriptions we will have the big raffle! If you haven't subscribed - what are you waiting for? Head on over to wwwHauntcast.com (http://hauntcast.net/subscribe/)

Thanks to everyone who has subscribed! I would also like to thank all the vendors that are participating with discounts and raffle prizes!

When we hit 250 subscribers Chris will be raffling off prizes from these amazing vendors:

DC Props – $195 Spitter mechanism
Juneau Studios – (10) $70 DVDs
Fright Theatre – $375 Torso Prop
Stolloween – custom pumpkin $125 value
Stiltbeast Studios – Three Deranged Masks, $100 a piece.
Skull Shoppe Skulls – 2 museum skulls $85 each and 2 film quality $65
Skeleton Store Paul Skeleton – $52 value
Mini Spot Lights – 20 mini spotlights, 10 High output mini spotlights (the chubby), 1 power supply, Spotlight diffusers, 1 dimmer and an assortment of power splitters and connectors. This kit would be a great addition to any home or pro haunt. This set has a value of approximately $500.00. This kit has everything you need to light your scenes and you will have your choice of color for the lights.
Necrotic Creations – $100 cameo
Woodloom – $55 Celtic Tombstone
Terra – Handmade tombstone of choice
How to Haunt Your House volume 3 book – $30 value
Vox Noctis – $50 dollar coupon
2011 Haunters Video Awards DVD Set $25
Davis Graveyard – $25 Concrete Skull
Dark Imaginings – $49.95 value 11Χ14 changing portrait. You can pick the portrait.If the 11Χ14 is too large for them then they can choose a smaller version (5Χ7 or 8Χ10). The winner will have to pay the shipping fee, though, which is $10.
Spider Hill Prop Works – $50 worth of product from their site (winner’s choice)
Haunted Hot Sauce – Assortment of Hot Sauce
Haunted Attraction Fright Team Management Book and CD
So You Want to be a Haunt Entrepreneur Book –
$49.95 + $4.95 shipping (A $54.90 Value!)
Haunted Fresno Haunted Attraction – Three sets of tickets, value $52 per set
West Coast Haunters Convention – 2 Pair of three day passes to the show
Hauntcon – 2 conference passes, $150 value
Author Lesley Bannatyne – 3 pack of books: Halloween Nation, A Halloween Reader & Halloween, An American Holiday An American History
Author Ghoul Friday – Four copies of Brains vs. Coffer book
Bloody Mary Makeup – One Quart of Bloody Mary FX Spray Blood
Denny will make you a Pumpkin Thief head with LED eyes.
Gore Galore – Barrel Topper prop (debuting at Transworld)
Haunted Overload, Lee NH – Two sets of tickets
Midwest Haunters Convention – 2 party passes to their Saturday night costume party, valued at $80.
Canadian Haunters Convention – two pairs of Seminar Series Wristbands (valued at $500). That includes general admission into the Trade Show, the Welcome Rally, and to view the Body Art Competition
Fangoria Magazine- One year Subscription
Haunted Overload, Lee NH – 5 pairs of tickets
Haunt Bible – 2 (two) copies, $150 each
National Haunters Convention – One Vip Pass for each subscriber, ie. 3 day pass. Value $25 a piece
Outrageous Media – two video packages each about $550 value. Includes: PROJECTED REALITY 1/FX, PROJECTED REALITY 2/FX, PROJECTED REALITY 3, Spiders Snakes and Bats, Frankenstein Scenes, Virtual Dracula, & Ghosts of History DVDs
Grand Prize
Juneau Studios is raffling off his Lizzy Borden Mirror. It’s a $2500 value.

03-06-2012, 03:04 PM
Sweet!!!!! 5 more until we hit 200 subscribers and bring the Hauntcast Show back. When we get those subscribers by Friday we will get a Hauntcast Show in April. There is also a ton of discounts and prizes! Hauntcast is a podcast for home and pro Hallowe'en fans and haunters, and features segments on horror movies, prop-building, current horror and Halloween events, and other juicy tidbits. If you've listened to the show, you'll know it was professionally produced and full of great material. Please support its comeback, if you can! Details are on the Hauntcast website - here is the latest from skully:


03-12-2012, 08:59 AM
Got back to the office today from an awesome weekend at Transworld. I am tired and my mind is racing with new ideas. Hauntcast has 220 subscribers now and will rises from the grave on April 6th with an all new episode that will rock your Haunt/Halloween world.

Who is ready to win prizes like a $2500 Lizzy Borden Mirror, $500 Mini Spot Lights package, or a $350 torso prop from Fright Theater? Are you ready to get thousands in discounts from Halloween & haunt vendors? Only 30 more subscribers will qualify for the prizes! If you haven't subscribed, don't miss out!