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02-17-2012, 01:48 AM
Up for sale is a Distortions Unlimited "ReAnimator". We bought this from Distortions at TW in 2010 when it came out. It has two seasons of light usage on it. Everything is in great condition and works as it should with no issues. It's a great scare, but it's had it's two years at our haunt and it's time for it to move on.

If you aren't familiar with this prop, it's a hybrid prop, utilizing both an animation character as well as a live actor. I won't lie, when I saw it at TW the first time, I jumped. I really wasn't expecting a live actor to pop out. It made for some phenomenal patron reactions at our place over the last two seasons!

It comes complete with the prop, controller, fogger and strobe. Distortion's sells these for $5300 + $115 crate fee + shipping.

We're letting this go for see post below!. As we are taking home a ton of stuff from TW in preparation for the HauntCon Tour, I'm taking my trailer to bring everything back; I'm willing to take this with us to TW to meet up and possibly save you a bunch of money on shipping. It will require a pickup, trailer or box truck\van to get it home. It stands somewhere around 8' tall, has a foot print of ~3x3'ish and, being a typical built-to-withstand-anything Distortions prop, weighs at least a few hundred pounds.

I am willing to ship, but we'll have to add a few bucks to get it crated up nicely. I've shipped via uShip a few times before and that worked out really well, but I'm also willing to ship via your choice of carrier, on your dime. We do NOT have a forklift so you'll have to pay extra for liftgate service as well.

If you're interested or have any questions, please email me at brandon AT hundredacresmanor .dot. com.

I'll post pics up in the next few days.

03-03-2012, 12:19 AM
Lots of interest from a ton of people, but no cash on the table yet.

I would really like to get this moved by Transworld as we simply don't have the room to store it right now, that said;

$3000 if we can get a deal together by the time we leave for TW (currently scheduled to leave Wednesday the 7th).

Also, I was a bit off on the size of the unit, it's actually just over 4' x 4' and stands 7.5'ish feet tall. Also as a slight update, I have found the mask and gloves, our costumer says she knows we have the jumpsuit.

03-05-2012, 08:33 PM
Sold pending receipt of payment.