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02-21-2012, 11:46 AM

DAnimatronic Mary Shaw recites poem. Other dolls heads turn and start saying "Get them Billy, kill them..." One puppet has knife controlled by actor in black to come after victims. Last year we mounted dolls around the room on the walls with LED's shining on them. Had lady behind a drop panel in same costume as animatronic Mary Shaw attack crowd. See www.monster-tronics.com where this is $1590. Good condition and never missed a beat last year. Open to trades..or $1100 cash/B.O. and meet you in St. Louis. UNDERSTAND THIS...I will be taking a few names & cell numbers of interested people with me to St. Louis so somebody doesn't just change their mind and leave me hanging. I expect to be there Friday afternoon - Sunday.

Also have a Distortions Gargoyle Shock that is NOT for sale and NOT hauled to St. Louis...but would like to trade out FOR ONE SEASON ONLY to somebody in Michigan, Ohio, or Indiana. Currently at a haunt in Ohio..not my place in Michigan. Gargoyle Shock is probably my all time favorite prop. Even above Scarefactory Impaler and Slayer with pediment I have owned. BUT...I want it out of my place for 2 years so not as many people recognise it again this year and spoil the shock. Looking for a like value prop in good condition like Scarefactory wolves or vampires. Traded it's use in 2011 for a Scarefactory Hallway to Hell's use at my place for one year.

Email mark@bestmaze.com

Mark Benjamin

03-07-2012, 08:44 AM
Sold... Thanks.