View Full Version : Prop Rentals?

02-21-2012, 06:27 PM
Hey guys. Just got some bad news today and without going into detail, I'll just say I'm going to have to cut my haunt budget in half!!!

So I was wondering, does anyone "rent" props? I see folks talking about season trading all the time, but was wondering if anyone rented?

I'm not really asking for a handout, I want to pay my way just like everyone else. This haunt is our only shot at getting out of this hole we're in and I NEED it to happen. And I need it to be successful. We don't need anything big and we don't need much. But right now we're going to be limited to what I already have and will be building.

SO! In case anyone has any props they're not going to need this year, and don't want to necessarily sell, but would like to make some extra cash, I would be interested in renting some stuff.

I live in Northeast Arkansas. I can probably travel a few hundred miles to pick up, or meet half way

I don't know what a decent rate would be so just get in touch with me and we can discuss things.

I don't want anything HUGE! I can't afford it probably and I dn't have access to a tractor trailer rig.

I would be willing to rent small things such as: Body Bags, Hanging Meat, Dead Bodies, Zombies, Stalk around costumes, skeletons.

I would be willing to rent any animitronic that doesn't retail over $4k as to if it breaks, I don't want to go broke replacing it. By the way autocorrect does NOT have animitronic in it's list. lol.

My wife works for an attorney and can get any legal paperwork prepared if necessary. My theme is varied. It's going through different nightmares so I can fit almost anything in. There's a victorian room, a laboratory / dr.'s personal place to examine sleep therapy, a cave, boiler room, butcher room, meat locker, kitchen, clown room, torture room, upside down graveyard room and 3 more empty rooms not written yet, in case this helps.

I will agree to replace anything broken that is in my posession and will pay a bonus after the haunt. IF anyone happens to be interested, or have info on who may be able to help, please let me know. I hate to sound desperate but I really do need help. If we don't make this haunt work this year, we're in trouble. I've already invested thousands of dollars getting this started and can't afford to NOT do this haunt this year.