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George Maser
02-21-2012, 10:12 PM
I've asked before and gotten nowhere. Who is really in charge of lining up the class speakers.

02-21-2012, 10:27 PM
There are several people involved but I can tell you the last thing they need are speakers who are just self promotional... so if you know of speakers and topics you should email them. If you are a vendor who wants to speak I doubt they are going to have a vendor speak who isn't an exhibitor. But who knows... if you know of a good topic email Jen. Larry

Allen H
02-21-2012, 11:46 PM
Anne Marie Gavinski (? last name is tough)- Ben Armstrong- and Jen Braverman are all involved in some way.

02-22-2012, 01:01 AM

Nope... she has nothing to do with it. They just hired her to help with the seminars while they are ongoing... she has nothing to do with who speaks.

You should talk to Ben or Jen only.

I use to do with Ben and I do make a lot of suggestions still but I don't really do much with it anymore. I'm just way to busy.

I would start with Jen first.


George Maser
02-22-2012, 10:52 PM
Are these people actually at Tw where you can talk to them or disembodied heads in a box where they don't return email or phone calls? (Like for the last three years). By the way - Larry. While I do occasionally sell props, I do have some marginal marketable skills. May I suggest a vacation somewhere like the Florida Keys. Sunshine and blue water works wonders on a winter blahs attitude. I found that house prices have been crushed worse than elsewhere, so much so that I bought one. Check it out. If you find interest I've got a great realtor.

The Mad Hatter
02-23-2012, 12:19 AM
Are these people actually at Tw where you can talk to them or disembodied heads in a box where they don't return email or phone calls? (Like for the last three years). By the way - Larry. While I do occasionally sell props, I do have some marginal marketable skills. May I suggest a vacation somewhere like the Florida Keys. Sunshine and blue water works wonders on a winter blahs attitude. I found that house prices have been crushed worse than elsewhere, so much so that I bought one. Check it out. If you find interest I've got a great realtor.


I would believe someone would use a bit more professionalism in any line of work. I was unable to tell if you were using a bit of humor, sarcasm, inside joke, or attacking people in your comment. But, from the comment I interpreted it was low. You should deal with these things in private!!! instead of on a forum!!! There are many ways to contact people besides on this forum, like getting a number and calling. Ben, larry, and Jen deal with many things and are swamped at times. I respect what they do. They are not only busy with dealing with their haunts, but are busy with bettering this industry. Maybe you just caught them at a busy time... as far as I know all of the seminar teachers are booked, and they have no more room for others. Maybe if you send them a full length summary on what you want to share, and if they find it worthy of sharing, you many get on board.

Other then that George, I would love to hear your experience... you know, I love your 10' flame units, they seem really low profile, they also seem to use less propane then other units! I LOVE IT! You seem to be a guy who knows their stuff, and a guy who benefits this business so much!!!

I hope things work out for you and you are able to share at Trans world, but if not maybe another year!

Best Hauntings,

02-23-2012, 03:56 AM
Good Point Hatter... George the bottom line is you come across as way to self promotional for me to ever think you would make a good speaker. You must also remember that seminars are a business for all tradeshows, and what they need is well known speakers whom customers believe will be worth the investment.

I don't really know anything about your haunt experience, or any haunts you have owned or operated. You getting on here and essentially acting like its a slap in your face that you didn't get an invite is a slap in the face itself... because 90% of the posts I've seen from you are nothing more than just you trying to sell something.

Maybe its wrong for me to assume but based on all your posts I would just assume you'd want to do a seminar just to sell some tents or something... again I might be totally wrong but hey the way you are going about this is kind of cocky. But hey I like cocky because if you don't believe in yourself then no one can believe in you.

So with all that being said I told you who to contact so put your name in a hat and see if your name gets pulled out. If it doesn't who cares... maybe you can do more of this so called sharing experience on here rather than just trying to sell something. LOL


02-23-2012, 05:40 AM
I have offered to do seminars in past on all aspects of corn maze layout and how it relates to policing and crowd flow. Did again last fall when people dialing 911 in a maze made national news and I was being contacted by radio and television stations for interviews to tell public what I do different. I was at a womens expo a few weeks ago with a booth. Under my banner I added "No need to dial 911 here" which ended up being a big comfort to ladies and will bring me many more people this fall. I explained to them what we do different. The first year TW was at St. Louis some guys saw my t-shirt and asked me about making a maze. They said they learned more from me than they did in the seminar somebody who wanted to talk about dumpster diving for prop making stuff. So, I threw my name in. Maybe you and I will be in the same time slot next year on seminar schedule.

Wicked Farmer

02-23-2012, 06:11 AM
I understand your dry humor...it is like mine and sometimes goes over like a lead balloon. Why not write up a brief description of what you would do a seminar on that maybe they could post near seminar rooms this year. "Would this seminar be of intrest next year" followed by your description. If I were to do that this years seminar attendees would read. "Corn maze design for fun and scares. This seminar will cover aspects of maze design that take into account crowd control and safety which will bring you more customers and why it works. Also covered will be key aspects of marketing THIS style of maze, why to make a 'family maze" and a separate haunted trail. Haunted trail layout covered as well how to incorporate traditional haunted house props from several vendors here into a corn field" Short & sweet. they need to offer seminars they think will be of intrest. So help them see it would be well attended.

Wicked Farmer

02-23-2012, 07:21 AM
There are lots of people who want to speak for many reasons, unfortunately there is not room for everyone. In the case of HH vendors they were only brought in as a group to speak last year for the first time. There are many things that go into the selection process you can be sure. However at this stage it is our intent to have a call for papers for next years show meaning it will most likely be an open invitation for speakers to submit ideas and bios. This does not mean that it will be "easy" to get in to speak, but the process to get a foot in the door should be more streamlined and clear. I am very happy with the selection of classes this year, it is very "dense" i.e. the level of really important content that you need to start a business is vast. We have topics on buying buildings and legal matters for example, that are extremely valuable and uncommon - the over all amount and diversity of topics is extensive. Re: Ann Marie she and Tim have an important role not only on site but also in advance coordination with the speakers, in data collection and in other diverse areas - I am happy they are around to help!

If you have comments or suggestions about the Seminar Series feel free to communicate directly with TransWorld, they are always looking to improve the quality of the show and eager to get feedback on all aspects of the event.


02-23-2012, 11:40 AM
My topic at first glance "is a loser" it just does not fit the bill for a lot of people coming to Transworld..most haunted attractions could care less about corn maze design...just lopped off over half of transworld attendees at leasr as not interested. BIG STRIKE against it. Now you open eyes of why facilitating a few smaller seminars would be a good idea if possible. Drop just a couple teasers to wet their interest. Like say after 11 years you know there are a LOT of people in the general population who would have never go to any haunt...it just doesnt appeal to them. But a slice of that popuation will try a corn maze. And if it is laid out right the "laugh seekers" get dumped back into picnic area RIGHT NEXT to the scare seekers. Two different groups overhear each other laughing and reliving/boasting to their friends what they just experienced. All of a sudden the timid who would never go to a haunt are right there hearing how fun it was...and the ticket booth is just 15 feet away. You know the rest of the story..they try a haunt...love it..and now the next year they are haunt hopping. But if the maze is lame like many...or a bad experience ; well they did a maze...and will likely never do one again. And it will only reinforce the notion in their head they do not want to try a haunt as well. Poorly designed corn mazes negatively affect good haunts for the public sitting on the fewnce about attending. probably many did not hear the big black eye the industry got last fall as many were not watching the nightly news last October...probably a little busy I suspect. It did show its face some here on Hauntworld when drunk hay ride driver tipped over wagons. Believe the comment I saw was "Another farmer in the news" and the hay ride was not even attraction for public. Poor mazes affect the rest of the industry whether we like it or not. So the few numbers that may attend my presentation actually affect many more attendees of transworld than first meets the eye.

You have to show them you can think on your feet, hold a crowds attention, and communicate. Transworld does not want disgruntled seminar attendees not happy with a seminar...or a poor communicator. Maybe toss out something like you would be willing to let them get a quick 10 minute interview in St. Louis...they will know how to get ahold of you if interested. Best way I can think of for them to get a feel if your seminar would sink or swim.

Wicked Farmer

George Maser
02-25-2012, 11:34 PM
I am sorry I sounded so cynical. I have been trying to reach someone in the TW speaker department for three years. I appreciate the names and the advice. I do often post items for sale, I run across great deals on things and who better to share them with than the people who use them. I'll be at TW, please speak if you see me. It's always good to put a face with a name.