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02-24-2012, 11:35 AM
Looking for imput on a pre bus tour next year 2013. I am working with TransWorld to make this happen. I am looking at Hauntes between St. Louis and Branson I figured we could spend the night in Branson. We would need to be back by Wed Morning for the speed seminars. I am open to suggestions I figure like a 200 to 300 mile stretch at most. Any haunts got some imput who would want to be in it? Suggestions and remember we have to keep this on a time configurations.Shane and it's let the suggestions begain!!! Shane!!!

02-24-2012, 12:24 PM

There is a couple haunts in Branson but I think the main one just closed for good... the business got foreclosed on I believe. So as of right now there isn't one there.

Maybe a trip to Branson without haunt tours is more in line... why always haunted houses. Don't we see enough of them already? Branson is an awesome place, we've been there many times.

Silver Dollar City is very well done theming like you wouldn't believe. They have the biggest Titanic attraction, mirror mazes, they have a haunted simulator ride thing, an awesome wax museum, and if you ask me one of the coolest attractions is a fellow haunter Breck has a wild animal attraction up there with real Bull Sharks, tons of deadly snakes, and all kinds of other stuff.

Forget haunts do something different ... Branson is really cool place!

One of the coolest things up there is the Dolly Parton Dinner Theater ... that show was very well done.

I don't think you will find many haunts to tour but if you go to Branson you will have a lot of fun!


02-24-2012, 12:29 PM
If you want to do haunt tours ... I would suggest Indy which is about 4 hours away. Kansas City again another 4 hour drive or so ... or cities like Memphis about 4 hours away. Chicago is about 5 hours away.

I don't think places like Nashville or Louisville are very far away either. Everyone has to understand they are in for a 4 to 5 hour drive there and back but it is within the realm of possibility.


02-24-2012, 01:30 PM
Good imput and Branson is not set in stone! Well most never get to visit other haunts and thought hey MHC, HauntCon does it so I think we need to. It would be fun and just make a whole week of it!!!!!! I am open for suggestion just as you have give that's what I want! Shane and it's keepem coming! Shane

02-24-2012, 09:25 PM
Shane count Fearfest in if your doing a haunt tour. You could come down I-70 hit Mr. Bills Thrills in Troy, Necropolis in Columbia, Fearfest in Columbia head south down to the Lake of the Ozarks then south to Branson. Just an idea.

02-25-2012, 06:25 AM
I agree with Larry, tell them to move TW to Indy or Nashville. LOL

02-25-2012, 09:22 AM
The good thing about a pre bus tour is if your not interested YOU SIMPLY DON'T GO!!!!! Why question something someone else want's to do? This would take place on Monday and Tuesday it has NOTHING TO DO WITH WHAT GOES ON AT THE SHOW OR DURING IT!!!! This may come as a shock to you but most of us Haunt Owners can't visit other haunt's because were WITH OUR OWN SHOWS DURING THE SEASON. The thread is about what haunt's you would like to see and suggestions on them, no where in there did I ask for an opinion as to why not to do it. Part of the "hoopla" is getting to see other places, hang out with old friends and make new ones for a life time. Let me tell you this and Larry, Ben and several others will agree with me.... Many of us put our OWN time and money into helping promote this show. I myself get there on Wednesday, I speak on Thursday ( by being ask to and not offering to) have to be here and there, then I have a party that night, then I have to help TransWorld on Friday then it's more can you come here, can you go there and Saturday it's the same. Then on Sunday I run around and do some quick orders some of us don't get to just simply enjoy the show because WE'RE SPEAKING AND DOING OTHER THINGS FOR EVERYONE ELSE TO HELP THIS SHOW!!! I might also add many of us own our own companies outside of the Haunt Industry and many don't attend the other shows because were bussiness man and women doing other things besides being a negative ass, know it all, seen it all Judge who rather judge someone than be someone. Jealousy is such a bitter, bitter thing!

Jen and I talked on this and so did some of the other haunt OWNERS. It's been asked why don't we do it and then we said why don't we plain and simple. Dark how about encouraging some things and stop being a bitter ass!!!! When you have to do what some of us to to help this show, throw YOUR own money in and gamble with it and bust your own ass in helping then I WILL LISTEN TO YOUR STUPID NEGATIVE SHIT UNTIL THEN SIT DOWN AND STFU I AM NOT IN THE MOOD!!!

Now back to the reason for this thread and in cause your like Dark and don't understand the question it's easy....

Were looking for suggestions on where to visit......
Who would like to open.......
Ideas on a place to stay the night......
And as Larry would say bla, bla, bla..... I might add as a friend of Larry's and moderator ( by his asking not mine) of this site I am supposed to be more professional but some days you just got to get it off your chest and as you can see I did that. I will offer an apology up front for my rant!! Shane and it's feeling a bit of a Diva today! Shane

02-25-2012, 12:18 PM
Shane, come the F..k down I'm not being bitter I'm saying we don't need another hauntcon, do we? Stop jumping down my throat and assuming everything i say is bitter because you dint agree with it. If you want to do tours do tours but if the show is about business then it's about business. If BUSY business people are barely able to attend the show as it is it's going to be hard to stretch it our a full week. I think Hauntcon and MHC do a great job doing the haunt tours and have a smaller show floor but it works. Like others said to include pre-show tours you'd probably have to look at other markets. It's hard for many including myself to take most of a week off of work.

If you're looking for suggestions I suggest to move Transworld to the Dallas-Ft Worth market for a year or two. Then move it to New England for a couple years then look out west. That way people can experience different haunts from different parts of the country.

I am not looking for suggestions about moving it! THIS IS ABOUT A HAUNT TOUR SOMETHING YOUR NOT REMOTLY INTERESTED IN! SO WHY EVEN BOTHER? THERE ARE MANY, MANY, MANY POST HERE THAT I CARE NOTHING ABOUT AND I SIMPLY SKIP OVER THEM POSTING ON ONLY WHAT INTEREST ME! Why can't you do the same? So what if you want to compair it to Hauntcon whats the point? Your not interested does that mean the rest of the world is not or should not do it? I STILL DON'T SEE YOUR POINT!!!!! Also because you say you can barely attend does not mean that everyone is that way. If that were the case they why don't you go to a different show? You have said your not a haunt owner so I will ask you then why even attend? It's really no reason for you to now is it? I just get tired of 90% of your post mostly questions someone ( I might add little is known of you than anyone) what their doing or want's to do! There are so many days I want to hit the delete button on you because I get so sick of seeing that from you. You question most all post here and come off as everyone here is nothing but a waste! Tell you what come up to me at TW and Introduce yourself you know who I am I so want to see the man and or woman behind the name.

Again were not looking for suggestions as to moving the show it's suggestions about what haunts within reasonable bus driving would you want to see and want to try and line this up before the show! Shane and it's just SHANE!

Oh and if this show is about business then right after the show go straight to your room and stay there till the show reopens! DO NOT HANG AT ANY OF THE BARS,RESTAURANTS, CASINOS. MALLS OR ANY OTHER PLACE IN ST. LOUIS!!!!! I MEAN THIS IS ABOUT BUSINESS!!!!!

02-26-2012, 05:32 AM
Also because you say you can barely attend does not mean that everyone is that way. If that were the case they why don't you go to a different show? You have said your not a haunt owner so I will ask you then why even attend? It's really no reason for you to now is it?

Shane I agree 100%. I think that Transworld should be for actual haunt owners. Transworld might lose some money but I think the vendors would actually do better having more time to interact with qualified buyers. Good point.

In regards to the pre show tours, you are looking to depart from St Louis? I'm wondering if it might be easier starting in a city, like say Indianapolis or Memphis, do tours and have busses bring in convention-goers to St Louis in time for the show??


02-26-2012, 07:31 AM
Yes I think we need to leave from St. Louis. They are already going to be there for the show. Next year will be a test as to how we can do future tours! Shane and it's were still looking for input from haunt owners and people who want's to attend! Shane and it's I am not the driver! Shane

Nashville Nightmares
02-26-2012, 12:36 PM

You know we will go to whatever cities are chosen for tours!