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Ricky Free
02-29-2012, 07:50 PM
Workampers-single or couples that living fulltime in a RV traveling and working seasonal jobs, usually in exchange for a parking spot & stipend. Examples: Ski instructors, raft guides etc.

Hi all! Sort of an unusual question but, has any haunted attractions ever thought about workampers for employment during the haunt season?

Last year we took the jump into fulltime RVing and love it. We travel along working seasonal jobs. We took advantage of this last year and did a sort of "haunted house" tour. Netherworld,The Darkness, The Beast in one week was awesome:p.

Tasks we have been thinking about talking over with owners are,

Fill in acting, as needed.
24/7 Eyes & Ears/Security since the RV could be parked on location, also depends on zoning laws.

Sorta of a "do all" position filling in as the owners/managers see fit.

Anyway, we would love your general thoughts on "workamping" for a haunt this season. Possibly the best way to approach attractions? Maybe this will help owners fill some spots this season...eh? Just google workampers. Thank you for your time & 2 cents!

Haunt man
02-29-2012, 09:27 PM
I do like the idea, it would help to fill in for any actor drop outs or lend a hand around here and there.
Security, could go either way, where I live it cost $25 a hour to have one police officer for security, which if really the best way to go since plan old security staff cant do much but call the police anyway, on that note I dont know if I could trust someone I dont know to stay there 24/7 with no one else around.
Most haunts are only open weekends and some tims Thursdays and again I wouldnt want them to just hang around with out anyone else there.
Maybe if there were there only on the weekends and nights the haunt was open (when I normaly would stay at the haunt over night anyway)
and stay at a camp ground the rest of the time. If they were staying in the area for a long time anyway they could save a few bucks form camp group fees, working at the haunt could be fun way to get out and have a good time while saving money. Who doesnt think working at a haunt is fun. I like the idea and if you had a big enough lot and you already had full time security, stayed there or lived there you could advertise this and get a lot of campers and they could stay there the whole time, you could get a full crew this way. They would work hard because because they are getting something in return for their work and it wouldnt cost more then utilities and maybe food if youre a really nice guy lol.

Good idea hope to hear some more!
Haunt man

03-01-2012, 09:42 AM
Since my haunt is in a campground, I love this idea! Of course the campground has a staff of workampers every season, and some of them are available when we run our haunt (and are certainly valuable workers to us). It would be real interesting to have a workamper dedicated to the haunt though in exchange for camping fees for the month.

I will be "camping" at the haunt myself this year for three weeks but it would be great to ahve another set of eyes and ears out there, and someone available to just help out with odds and ends without worrying about the paid campground staff staying busy

Ricky Free
03-01-2012, 05:22 PM
woooo I am excited to see the positive responses. I think I know what we are going to pursue this season:D BigT mind PMing me your info?

One good thing about workampers is we generally have big resumes/references/background checks/work history due to constantly changing jobs. But you do have to look out for some. Most workamping resumes usually have photos of themselves/the rv/etc so the employer knows exactly what to expect, so that could help.

Hope to hear more!