View Full Version : Transworld Product Launch - Precision Alpha

03-02-2012, 11:57 AM
Hey everyone, I'm really looking forward to seeing you in St. Louis next week.

For the past months we've been working 18 hour days to prepare for the show to bring a new game changing LED spotlight to the haunt industry.
We know many people don't have their lighting plans this early in the season and often end up with too many or too little of certain colors of LED spotlights.

Therefore we're launching the Precision Alpha, a multi-purpose, color changeable, angle adjustable, and dimmable LED micro pinspot - These are even brighter than our Precision Z's. By allowing the user to attach gel filters and diffusers, this single spotlight is ALL you need for most of your haunt lighting! You can stock up these and never feel like you have too many of them because they are fully adjustable to fit any environment.


This light is about the size of half a Sharpie marker and the gel filters it uses are only about 3/8" in diameter! We give you a pack of gels with each light but you can also choose your own gels by getting a sample swatch book from any of the popular film vendors --- heck you don't even have to buy the actual gel sheet, the swatch book is plenty!

A few other updates to our product line:
- Our original Precision X (the smallest spotlight) is being upgraded as of this season to have more than 3 times the coverage and brightness in the same tiny form factor.
- We have a new easy to use Flicker controller that can generate a variety of patterns at different speeds and brightness levels.
- For full show control, we're also launching the Micro DMX, which is a scalable DMX controller LED dimmer and pattern generator --- you can control the brightness, speed, and pattern of any of our LEDs now.

We hope you guys will find these lighting tools useful for your own show and would appreciate any feedback. We're always listening.

See y'all soon!
- Quan