View Full Version : Creepycollection Animatronic Video Release 9 Ft Stilt Clown, Great White Shark &

03-04-2012, 10:20 PM
Hello All

Here are some Of our Animatronic you will see at transworld

Test Shot video of Feeding Frenzy Animatronic Please keep in mind this is test footage not the final product. This Anuimatronic is to big to film in our shop so the final footage will be shot inside the interactive haunted house on wensday...you see a light its a water simulater and of course its bloody..Air sound you hear is the Water Spitter in the Shark... shark was beeting up our little air compressor...big bad shark....

More new props but out of time Couldn't picture everything packing tommorrow- see ya on thursday




Some Shark Pics i know the test was dark....