View Full Version : Marketing videos your thoughts

03-05-2012, 01:56 PM
I have seen lots of people putting different videos promoting their attractions on here. I have also spent a fair amount of time visiting websites and getting a feel for what really pops out at me. We are currently redoing our whole website because frankly...it sucked. LOL. I have tried hard to take all the advice I have been given and utilize it. This on occasion has been hard because it usually involved writing a large check. Ha. One piece of advice I got from Larry's video was to get concept sketches. Now I ignored that advice for 2 years. This year that is exactly what I am doing and I am 100% sold on that piece of advice. Man that makes my life easier. I will never build again until I have drawings.
So next question is promo videos. I know that this adds life to my marketing and builds a buzz. But I am looking for your advice. Is this that critical? The cost involved may be better utilized elsewhere. I am interested in that photo, social media thing that has been mentioned on here. I plan on talking to these people at Trans. If I do the videos, We can't afford to do the photo media thing. My marketing is going to focus HEAVILY on FBook and sending people to our website. I plan on utilizing numerous guerilla marketing type techniques to market our haunt. The Haunt app thing is intriguing. But is it cost effective.
I guess I could go on and on. But my first question is what I am throwing to the masses. " Is spending $2-3k on a video campaign better money spent then another avenue?" This will be our 3rd year and I have no real competition within 200 miles.
As usual thanks for the help. Someday when I have a small clue as to what I'm doing I plan on returning the favor.