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03-11-2012, 08:14 AM
I realize that everyone is in the process of travelling back home from Transworld today, but as each of you get back to posting in a day or so, give your thoughts on how this year's show compared to last year. What new prop "stole the show", what new company had the best products, who had the best booth, etc?
How were the haunt tours this year?

I missed the show this year because I was recovering from surgery, and I am dying to know what I missed!!!

Thanks guys,

03-11-2012, 08:25 AM
I didn't really see the show this year so I better bow out for the most part. I didn't attend the show on Sunday at all. I was there on Thursday for 2 hours, Friday for 4 hours and Saturday for 2 hours. I had a sewer pipe break in my back yard and it flooded my basement. I was dealing with that and trying to make sure our haunt tours went off okay.

Anyway ... from what I did see which wasn't much at all. Hmmm...

I liked the fact that there was so many mask companies that is what I would say I liked the best. There was a lot of different companies to choose from and overall that was the best thing we could have ever hoped for. It wasn't that long ago we had NO ONE to choose from but latex mask companies.

I liked seeing all the costumes walking around I think Gore Galore had guys in costume they looked really neat!

I liked the fact that companies tried to produce more special fx type stuff rather than the typical animation animation animation.

Lastly I liked the fact that the animations we did see this year where more original and unique. But probably MOST OVER ALL now that I think about it I liked the fact there was so many different kinds of companies there from ATM machine companies, to photo booths, to everything between. I also think TW did a great job by setting up the movie screens and everything else. Great job!


03-11-2012, 10:20 AM
I had a good time this year. The show floor seemed better this year than last because there seemed to be lots of new ideas from the vendors. It seems like vendors are finally understanding that most of the haunts in the country are small to medium shows and most of their customers are from these shows so instead of building the $12,000 monsters as their "new greatest prop" they are building more reasonably priced props and costumes which is great for smaller guys like us. There were lots more costumes and masks this year and some cash and carry stuff that was good. I took a couple of seminars that were "OK" and for $45 I guess if you learned anything at all in them to gain you 3 or 4 extra guests this year then they were paid for. The free seminars transworld offered this year were good with the panel discussions and getting to listen to some guys about decisions they made that helped/hurt their attraction. We did the zombie paintball tour, trailer haunt at creepyworld, and lemp brewery tours and all 3 were pretty good. The zombie paintball was surprisingly fun and the trailer haunt was cool too to see how it was built. Lemp Brewery was fun and the new que line definately had a Disney feel to it...the hour and a half wait outside wasn't too fun but it was probably because people were taking their time so much looking at everything that it slowed everything down. It was good to have a haunt tour that came with transportation because we flew so it was nice to be picked up and dropped back off at the convention center. It was good to put some faces with some names from on here as well. The free dinner on opening night from the show and Ken Donat was great and I hope they do that again next year. It got my butt in gear to get started for 2012 so I hope everyone has a great 2012 haunt season!

03-11-2012, 08:37 PM
One thing new that I would like to make mention of was Darklight's party at the City Museum. I'd never been in that building before and I have to say that was really a nice addition. A lot different atmosphere and I have to comment Darklight, Transworld, and the City Museum for organizing the event.

I went in with a shopping list, that was written up before the show, and although I strayed from it a little bit, it actually was on older products more than new. One new product I did decide to go with was Woodloom's gravestones. We do all graveyard, and decided outsourcing some stones would let us concentrate on our many other projects. Their work looked great, and it was a nice price point.

Other vendors that caught my eye this year were also smaller things not the big wow things. Rosco isn't new, but it's the first time I've seen them at this show, and having theater products is great. It let me get a few questions answered on some products so I can go to my local theater supply store better informed now. I also thought the booth selling all moss had a good price point for materials, so I ended up grabbing a bunch of that.

03-11-2012, 09:15 PM
There are alot of impressive yet affordable props this year.

03-12-2012, 10:03 AM
This was our first year at the show, and in short, my impression was "WOW!" I was especially excited at getting to see props/costumes from Gore Galore, Scarefactory, and Distortions Unlimited up close and personnal as these are the companies which inspired me from the very beginning to get in to this industry. I'm very pleased that not only did their pictures/videos translate to the real world, but they are perhaps more impressive in real life.

The Dark Room was spectacular and we felt every single company showcasing in that room did a great job! Special mentions to Scarefactory, Dead House Designs, and Poison Props. All three companies presented very well what they can do and as haunt owners, we have you all bookmarked for future purchases.

I was shocked at how deeply some companies discounted their merchandise for the show. We ended up getting 5 pairs of theatrical contacts for $45 each, then went back to the motel and looked up prices online to find that one pair we purchased regularly sold for $180! A HUGE thank you to all companies for discounting merchandise at the show as it stretched our small budget much further than we thought possible!

Getting to see Ed Edmunds and the cast of Face/Off was a super treat for us! My wife actually got star struck when she met Beki Ingram. I myself got star struck when I met Allen Hopps. His You Tube tutorials and posts on this forum helped us start our home haunt and his information during the panel discussion on surviving the haunted industry was compelling and very insightful. At his booth, my wife confessed to him that his You Tube tutorial helped her sculpt her first ever latex mask, and he wanted to see pictures of the creation he helped inspire. Allen is a real stand up guy and a true inspiration to us.

We also attended Rich Hanf's class on getting started in the haunted attraction business and found his 23 point top 10 list (yes, I said that right) also helpful and insightful. Rich has personality and character, which made taking a class at 9:00 A.M. on Friday morning a delight to sit through. We wished the class could have been at least 2 hours long, if not half a day or so, but given the time he had, we felt he did an excellent job of mingling facts and anecdotal stories to keep a good balance of entertainment and knowledge.

One negative we felt was that the interactive haunted house felt haphazard and under decorated. Perhaps it was our expectation going in, but we assumed this attraction would feature some of the best props each company had to offer and we felt an overwhelming "Meh" going through the attraction. Again, it might have just been unreasonable expectations on our parts, but we thought the production was underwhelming at best.

Overall, wonderful show worth every penny. We got to meet some of our idols in the industry and we got to see many more around the floor. Booths were well presented and numerous. Our first walkthrough took over 3 hours. We're all tired, sore, and ready to rock in 2012! Thank you to everyone who participated in any capacity!

03-12-2012, 10:56 AM
I'll post more thoughts later, but, initially we were a little skeptical about it being the same as last year and let me say, let me say it was fantasic! Alot of new vendors.... I'm going to say maybe 25% or more/different overall, couple that with new props along with the changing the floor planned really made it a trilling show. I can't say again how happy we were to see all the new items and changes, of course only being our 2nd year, I hope they even do more and keep it fresh, try new things. One thing, again, I was really surprised of the new vendors there from last... shows growth and can't wait till next year already. We watched Distortions show friday evening on the big screen and then they had the whole cast from the show and even the producers take questions from audience, this was great and really put the icing on the cake. I think we should start a new thread even of how to assist Transworld folks in any way we can to keep up the pace and freshness of the event. Even if they take a single idea it's worth the effort. But, overall...simply fantasic, and, with the even costing $50 or so as compared to free last year... it actually even seemed more crowded this year!


03-12-2012, 11:06 AM
I think I was at the show for like 4 1/2 hours total between the 2 days I was there. I don't feel as though I saw much at all this time and some of what I did see appeared to be the same as it always is. I did notice several smaller props this time around, which is really what I like to see. I also thought some people appeared to put a lot of effort into making elaborate booths which I also liked.

On a negative note, I am getting sick of Transworld not allowing children on the show floor. That is starting to be an inconvience for me, I can't always leave my children at home when attending this show. Any other tradeshow/convention I have been to, do allow it, and the subject matter at those shows aren't much different, Transworld isn't special. The show is no longer free which is fine, but in paying now I feel as though its time to rethink those policies.

Also, after much hype, I didn't think the city musuem was all that great. It was kind of neat but not nearly as cool as was made out. Plus, it was a parental nightmare and obviously this place is geared towards children or undersized adults.

03-12-2012, 11:11 AM
I liked Immortal Mask and CFX masks the best. Oh and Haunt Tactic is where I spent the most on costumes. Tim had my theme and liked the costumes up close more than in pics.

Wasn't impressed with this show. Was nice to see some new vendors but a lot of the old vendors were not there that I have seen over the past 5 years. I didn't feel there was enough "wow factor" from a lot of the vendors. Maybe just wasn't what we were looking for to fit our theme. We felt there was a lot of the same old stuff just different vendors. I just didn't see a lot of new products but older ones from years past.

I personally am more interested in learning how to make our own molds, masks, props, etc. I didn't see any of that type of thing out there. Thinking for smaller haunts trying to cut some cost, that would have been beneficial to see.

I got my best deal from another haunt so I am pleased!

Did Lemp and Darkness tours again. Actors did pretty good. All in all decent show but I think it was smaller this year. Probably due to vendors being killed with costs.

I also thought the coupon book was a waste of printing $$. Some gave it and others didn't.

One thing I also noticed was vendors (that I purchased from) were not offering deposits but wanted paid in full. Although it didn't bother me because I have dealt with many of them and built that business relationship, I would not have done that for new or shakey vendors (meaning deadlines not being met with me in the past).

Everyone seemed to have a good time. Did several seminars and thought they were all great from business bare bones to how to and makeup.

Think I will be going to Houston and a few others this year and next. Just my personal opinion.

03-12-2012, 11:43 AM
I do think "more hands on" seminars, such as mask making...etc should be the focus next year. It's great to have the general concepts of safety, marketing covered in seminars, but, I think alot of nuts and bolts seminars... like fright props did this year with, are needed. How about building and wall structures (fabric materials, fire protecting....all supplemented with examples...etc) - the hardware and physical infrastructures that make a haunt.

03-12-2012, 11:51 AM
Also, the free seminars that Ben Armstrong moderated were fantastic, I don't remember these last year and I possible just missed. I believe the morning seminar had 4-500 folks it seemed and later seminar about 300 or so (very much a big success). I hope next year we get several more like these (please don't try to monetize these and start charging). It's helps hearing their stories, trials and tribulations...for me it confirmed many notions I already had, but, hearing it from them was a supporting and comforting factor in many ways.

Jolly Pumpkin
03-12-2012, 12:05 PM
This year's show was bigger and more organized, but there wasn't anything really ground breaking. I think vendors are starting to run out of ideas and some of the biggest vendors in the industry are stuck in their old ways. I enjoyed the free seminars and events, but I'm not that crazy about St. Louis. I personally think that it's time for the show to move to another city to bring some new life to it because this year's Transworld was a bit of a let down.

03-12-2012, 01:01 PM
I agree that the show should move around. Maybe not every single year but at least every couple. I would like to see it come to somewhere in the South like Atlanta, Charlotte or Orlando and then somewhere like Dallas and then Pitt. or Boston etc. just to let some vendors and buyers that cant make the trip come and give new options for tours, new sight seeing for guests etc.

03-12-2012, 01:21 PM
Over all I liked it. Was my fifth Transworld. Do not do other haunt conventions as they are into planting season. Much seems like seeing same over again..but several I like. Last year I loaded up on "actor enhancers"...sparking knives, boom sticks, etc. This year it was back to getting Distortions newest Shocktronic, a few Poison props, and seriously eyeballing Gore Galore's goat head on a track system. Dropped a few friendly suggestions to some vendors and will see if they adopt them by 2013...like one vendor did for 2012 after raking them over the coals last year. Kicking myself because I forgot to make good on covering somebodies bar tab since they were having to put up with World Series instead of me putting up with Detroit Tigers in World Series. Did notice police walking and pedal biking downtown a couple times; St. Louis must want to keep convention area safe. Know someone had a rental truck stolen while there. Like St. Louis...but I would go to Orlando the same week.

Wicked Farmer

Gore Galore
03-12-2012, 02:38 PM
I am astonished by the negativity, and cynicism in this thread.

I know we absolutely brought it this year.
If your jaws didn't drop as you walked in the main door then you were not paying attention to what was happening right in front of your face.
Sorry guys.

Other vendors who really busted nuts trying to create the best work they ever did, like:
Haunt Tactics with their animatronic plants, stilted costume and female zombie costume.
Global Fear Enterprises full body costumes
Distortions huge animatronic creature, rocking granny (gotta be the best low end animatronic on the market for what it is), and actor combined animatronics.
Dark Ravens new larger snakes, and thing inspired chest exploding creature, and more
Kip always ups the bar on his video animatronics.
I am sorry, I know there was alot more, but my brain is on lockdown at the moment.
I loved that there were oddity and custom art by gemini, demski, and medical from Dapper Cadaver.
Oh, Allen's Stiltbeaststudio custom masks that sold out the first day (I told you so;).

I also thought it was great to see
Zip line suppliers
And what?
A custom bucking bronco set up.
What a great addition to a midway.

And guess what? I didn't even get to walk the show floor except to go the bathroom.
I am sure I would have seen alot more if I would have gotten to walk the entire show floor other than before the show opened on Wed.

Come on my gory fiends, You can do better than this.

03-12-2012, 04:22 PM
I don't feel any of this should be viewed as "negativity" but food for thought. You are totally correct Kevin, how could anyone miss your new creatures as you walked in the door? You couldn't. And your fellow in the costume with the cage on his head did an awesome job. We buy from you almost every year, this year it just wasn't what we were looking for. But considering the whole "actor controlled vs animated" many benefits. Even Scarefactory had them.

I think my thought is that my first year at Transworld was in Las Vegas. That totally spoiled me. Having everything together was just freakin awesome. I know it's not going to ever happen again, but it would be nice to see some old faces back. IE Smooth-On, Night Fright, just to name a few. I think vendors are getting killed with fees.

I would also like to see the show move every 2-3 years. Trying to keep it more central would be great but not always possible.

All in all it was much more organized and in no way should have been taken as negative. Just didn't find what I was hoping to this year.

Gore Galore
03-12-2012, 04:53 PM
I totally understand,
Honestly, it was not your post that I was referring too.
I get your perspective.
But it is getting there. And Transworld works year round to bring in more diverse vendors.
How about both Paasche and Iwata almost next to one another. Having them there is a move in the direction you are looking for.

I was just expecting to get on Hauntworld and see everyone going hog wild about all the new stuff vendors were doing. And that was NOT the case.

And this is serious,
If you need something specific you should go directly to the vendor who you think is best suited to achieve the product you want and ask for it.
Many of our products come directly out of customer feedback and requests.
YOU as buyers drive the industry forward. SO tell us what you want. And I guarantee you will get it!

03-12-2012, 04:58 PM
We at Panic Attack would like to Thank everyone we met at the show and all of our vendors. We felt the the show was great!We were able to get some good ideas and tons of props/costumes. You guys are the best!

03-12-2012, 05:44 PM
Maybe people where experiencing jet lag or hangovers?

As a 1st year I think the show was absolutely fantastic. Mr Gore was right at the entry showcasing 2 enormous setups. Then down the other aisles there was quite a lot of great stuff to take in. Some that come to mind are Ed as expected, CFX had almost to much to see and Haunted tactics was looking mighty fine showcasing their new line. Love those Dark Raven snakes too. I walked through once just to see everything and then went again later on to take it all in an see what was gonna fit my themes. The dark zone was quite impressive and those vortex tunnels were the BEST I've seen in awhile. All the vendors in the dark zone had great items to offer and Scarefactory showcased some enormous monstrosities and also some smaller items as well.

I also saw a lot of service vendors from tickets, to atms, web developers. These are equality important as you need to get the word out and have patrons able to pay for admission.

Darkness was ridiculous.

Then Shane was nice enough to put together a wonderful party with an impressive costume contest and tens of thousands of $s in props. Well played Sir.

I think the biggest surprise (for me) was the city museum. I've never fathomed something such as that existed it was literally outta this world. I was expecting some hands on run of the mill tiny kiddie play area thing.

I find it hard to come up with real any negatives. I got a taste of lot of different ideas and add-on revenue streams. If anything the negative is that I'm still not sure what time it is having crossed time zones and then having DST too.

I already am looking forward to 2013!!!

Thanks to all the vendors who had to pack up, drive, unpack, etc etc ... Without your creativity and pushing the envelope we wouldn't be able to see the productions we have today.

03-12-2012, 06:06 PM
Seriously Kevin is right there was a lot of new stuff there. And I feel a little cocky that I told him something else I liked there that was new...Scarefactory rig that dropped stuff down onto customers path. Exactly what I did earlier today...let Kevin know what I liked. Alright...time to step up guys and gals and let Gore Galore and a few others know what you want to see.

I want a prop that bungees or drops a actor down on a path and they snatch away another actor or at least appears to be snatching away a person. Saw something close at show.

I want it to appear that someone...a real human...is suspended in air and vanishes. Bungee...video...pulleys what ever.

I want 55 gal barrels that literally fall onto the top of a fenced enclosure above customers heads and auto reset before the next group.

I want a hallway where it appears an actor is throwing stuff at customers and they feel the air move as their mind tells them the air burst they felt was the knife going by their head.

I want blood sprays to be warm...not cold.

I love deception...

I want "startle" stuff that reacts or happens fast...10 seconds is too long for a routine to play out. Now having said that....10 seconds of a zombie shaking his head after a drop panel falls is ok.

This is a start. With everyone kicking in and getting a hundred ideas that make prop makers scratch their heads 2013 could be a sight. kevin is probably right...buyers have not communicated what we want to see.

Wicked Farmer

Mike Goff
03-12-2012, 06:14 PM
The boss lady and I have skipped transworld for a couple years. Focusing our budget more on the build rather than the bling. We are now in a position to add more effects and props and I was just blown away with everything that I saw this year. It was extremely difficult to decide what to buy and what to pass on. Amazing job this year, and I mean everyone. Just when you thought that everything that could be invented had been, you guys made them better, more affordable, and more practical. I too would like to see Transworld move to another city. Indy makes alot of sense when you think about where the majority of haunters in the nation are from. Cincinnati would also be cool. Anything to keep me from driving through Illinois would be greatly appreciated.

03-12-2012, 06:25 PM
It seems like its always those from the Midwest who say most haunts are there. That may be true but there are tons of great haunts along the east coast. Here in the south or mid Atlantic there are so many then Pennsylvania is huge and look at NY up into New England. The East coast could be ideal for Transworld just as much as the Midwest.


03-12-2012, 06:55 PM
I had a great time & saw lots of new things. Loved having the new makeup & airbrush companies there & Rosco too! The new masks out there are great. I loved the interactive haunted house display. Great scenic work there guys!!

Mike Goff
03-12-2012, 07:07 PM
It seems like its always those from the Midwest who say most haunts are there. That may be true but there are tons of great haunts along the east coast. Here in the south or mid Atlantic there are so many then Pennsylvania is huge and look at NY up into New England. The East coast could be ideal for Transworld just as much as the Midwest.


Indy and Cincy are closer to PA, NY, and New England than what St. Louis is. I only make the suggestion because there are a ton of Haunts in Ohio, Michigan, and Indiana. I could deal with PA. My point was that a fresh city, with fresh sights, and the chance to see some different haunts would be cool. If the convention were to be held in Cincy, there are at least a half a dozen kick ass haunts that could open up. Just thinking out loud.

03-12-2012, 07:25 PM
I helped with the Vendor board in the opening years in St. Louis so I learned a bit about why they put shows where they do... It has to do with 1) Being close to AS many of the customers as possible 2) Getting the cheapest convention space they can for the vendors 3) Hopefully having fun stuff to do and such.

When they move a show it hurts attendance - the longer they keep in it one place folks get used to going to it and it grows... Sort of like a Haunt location.

It might move someday I guess, if say the convention center started jacking up the prices or a similar event was happening. But as long as it keeps growing and the vendors are happy odds are it will not be going anywhere.

Just my observation...

03-12-2012, 07:26 PM
Well I maxed out a credit card and my 11 hour drive home in the dark flew by because of all the ideas and inspiration I got. I was thrilled with all the costuming and scenic elements available this year. I need to give out a few huge Thank You's.

Jerry from Creepy Collection really has provided Amazing customer service for us. Thanks Jerry! I appreciate all you did or us.

I called Kevin from Gore Galore to make me a big snake head for our haunt about 4 months ago. Well you all saw it. I gave Him free reign to design it and guaranteed I would buy whatever he came up with. Blown away! Thank you Gore Galore. You never disappoint.

This will be a huge year for us and I think Transworld and the vendors did a amazing job. Later.


Mike Goff
03-12-2012, 07:34 PM
I helped with the Vendor board in the opening years in St. Louis so I learned a bit about why they put shows where they do... It has to do with 1) Being close to AS many of the customers as possible 2) Getting the cheapest convention space they can for the vendors 3) Hopefully having fun stuff to do and such.

When they move a show it hurts attendance - the longer they keep in it one place folks get used to going to it and it grows... Sort of like a Haunt location.

It might move someday I guess, if say the convention center started jacking up the prices or a similar event was happening. But as long as it keeps growing and the vendors are happy odds are it will not be going anywhere.

Just my observation...

I agree... but I can still wish

03-12-2012, 07:43 PM
Re: The Vendors I think they have been doing a great job! It has gotta be tough - they are trying to please folks who just got into the business all the way up to people with 35 year old haunts. Everyone has different needs and tastes, and if they get it wrong they take a hit. Maybe even a HARDER job than running a haunted house!

Think about it... If they stick to the tried and true, they know new haunts will buy the solid basic stuff... but older haunts may not buy...they have enough of older style product. If they invest heavily in new lines they don't know if ANY one will want what they make...but if they get lucky and hit it right they reap big rewards...

Re the show itself, it is basically impossible to do everything now. There were over 50 seminars, multiple haunts, parties, events, Movie and TV show screenings... You just cannot do it all. I guess that is ok..there are SO many people now you need all the options out there.

Anyway big fun,lots of business, no sleep, and a gluttonous feast of more "HAUNT" stuff than you could ever digest...

Good times...!

03-12-2012, 07:54 PM
The Vendors I think they have been doing a great job! It has gotta be tough - they are trying to please folks who just got into the business all the way up to people with 35 year old haunts. Everyone has different needs and tastes, and if they get it wrong they take a hit. Maybe even a HARDER job than running a haunted house!

EXACTLY!!! Except Ben is being to modest the vendors did an incredible job and he's right they really gotta go with the vanilla themes to meet the demand of most haunters. However that being said if you want something all you have to do is ask, you can see some custom ideas such as Slither are now available to everyone and well received. The show gives you an idea of what each vendor is capable of and their style too.

One thing I would mention is there's quite a few people I spoke with would love a Netherworld behind the scene tours HINT HINT nudge nudge. I'd go to Comic Con just for that. I don't care if it's running I just wanna poke around without being eaten.

03-12-2012, 07:58 PM
Oh just wait till you find out what will happen to you this year...Some messed up stuff! We got some work to do.

Gore Galore
03-12-2012, 08:28 PM
I hope you are kidding.
I wasn't bashing anyone.
It just felt like the overall tone of the thread was negative. Sadly, it might have only been a couple posts that gave me that feeling.
Just like it only takes one apple to spoil the bunch.

You didn't say anything negative.
I went back through and looked at all the posts to make sure.
So, I apologize if I did offend you somehow.

again, I will say. I was really expecting people to be like
"WOW" the vendors really brought it this year.
And well, that didn't happen.
So, I guess I should not have had an expectation of what people would think.
My bad.

And I do think you have some great ideas there too.

03-12-2012, 09:20 PM
Let me take a stab at some of these comments...

1) Moving the Show: I'm personally not at all against that however I will only say that 'TRADESHOWS' require stability to grow. TW right now has a great deal, the city has embraced the show, attendance continues to climb, and the show floor gets bigger each year. People enjoy the convention hotel and find access to plenty of things to do and places to eat. The best is the central location. However with all of that being said I'm totally okay with it moving anywhere as long as its not on the west side of St. Louis, and not to far East. Most of the haunts are Midwest to East Coast not so much West Coast. When you are talking about vendors making it fair for all vendors to drive is the right thing to do... so cities I can think of are Indy, Memphis is a fun town, maybe a city like Dallas. Who knows... The show shouldn't step on the toes of IAAPA, MHC, and other shows like this. So picking a city is important where weather could be okay ... we have to all admit the weather is been pretty good so far. Personally for me I probably wouldn't attend anymore if it wasn't here... I only visited the show floor a total of MAYBE 6 hours and the show was here. No one should keep the show here on my account it should go where ever the industry thinks its best.

2) Tradeshow Floor: I thought TW adding that movie screen, interactive haunt, and stuff like that was well beyond what most tradeshow floors do. In fact the zip line was really wild. I loved how they added so many different types of vendors and each year they get more and more. I give Transworld an A PLUS for the 2012 tradeshow.

3) Vendors: I'll be honest here it may seem like there isn't anything new because the main things we keep seeing new is animations and in a lot of ways they are the same thing just different skin. However Dead House Design tried to introduce some new video stuff that we'd normally ONLY see at IAAPA, there was ATM machines, and tons of new costume companies. I love David at SF... and I'm not afraid to say 2011 was his worst year ever for new concepts in my opinion. I thought he hit a home run this year, he was trying to think outside the box with actor controlled puppets, giant over the top props and more. Scarefactory also brought a shooting gallery... never seen that before. I give Scarefactory a 10 for their effort.

I will have to Say companies like Gore Galore had a massive investment into their booth and it was very nice, and I like how he's trying new things outside of the oversized costumes. I think the show would look a lot different if many companies would not bring a lot of the previous shows stuff... but sometimes you bring what sells best. Dark Raven had an awesome looking booth, with some nice new props and animations. I rate this years show floor for new product an EIGHT... 2011 a SIX.

So it was an improvement. Did I buy anything... hmmmm! Not really I did buy some of those inverted busts because I'm addicted to them. LOL

So overall was the show floor better than 2011 YES WITHOUT A DOUBT!

4) Future Vendors: I think and again some vendors probably need to leave at home the same old stuff we already know they sell because most of the buyers are same year after year. That would brighten up the show floor from looking the same. Additionally I think TW simply needs to keep working hard to find new vendors to fill up more show floor so we can eliminate the interactive haunt, or dead space with people selling new products and services. The interactive haunt was cool but it takes up space you would rather SELL to new vendors. I want to see new products not the same products you can find in vendors booths. We need to make an effort to reach out to a new line of vendors: FOOD!

Go to IAAPA and you'll see 50 companies selling food products and we need that at our show. That will make it more complete. Additionally we need to find more vendors for pumpkin patches, country farm stores stuff like that. Stuff even haunts can use in their retail store.

Just my opinions.


PS: ONE LAST THING... I agree about the kids thing totally. It is bogus kids should be allowed to attend just like IAAPA. If they pay the bill let them in.

03-13-2012, 06:09 AM
Its not being negative or cynical. Some people did have new stuff and good booths, however, some people had the exact same things I saw TWO years ago. For as many vendors that you named that did do an outstanding job, I can name some that brought the same things as they always bring but I'm not going to. We all appreciate vendors working hard on their product and presenting it, and if you are vendor that did that then you know your stuff was new. And if you sold a ton of orders you KNOW people wanted your stuff. So then there is no reason to get upset. If someone starts a thread asking people's opinions on the show then expect to get people's opinions and impressions on the show. Not everyone agrees with my opinion, and as far as I am concerned thats fine.

As far as the children thing goes, bottom line is if Transworld doesn't change their policy I'll just have to stop attending because I can't just leave my children at home each time I come to the show. I realize there is tons of people obviously walking the show floor without kids, so I realize it doesn't matter if one person stops attending. The bottom line is I needed to run into the show for a moment to make a quick purchase but needed to bring my infant with me and was denied. Stuff like that should be considered. Correct me if I'm wrong but doesn't even MHC and the other smaller conventions allow children??

03-13-2012, 07:09 AM
I thought the show was bigger, better attended and a lot more fun. There are some vendors that bring the same things year after year though. Scarefactory was amazing. I just think of how cool it would be to see another 2-3 vendors there on the same level as Scarefactory. Unit 70 doesn't show or need to but then it drops off significantly. Distortions is great but their booth is smaller than it once was and they are going after the frightronic market for more affordable pieces which is great too. I would love to see several new companies just as big and innovative as Scarefactory. Imagine that, it would be overwhelming to see SF x's three.

I like the show in St Louis, people are friendly and there are plenty of places to eat within walking distance or a short cab ride.


the ogre
03-13-2012, 08:35 AM
This was only our second time as a company at TW and all i can say is WOW. Our booth was packed all weekend long and the ordered poured in. In an Earlyer thread i mentioned that all the vendors had Brought it and for the most part they did. As you walk around the show floor you cant help but admire the amount or work and craftmanship that went into everyones product. Obviously this is a thread about oppinion, so good or bad. right or wrong it is our job as vendors and the industry to listen and learn. A few additional notes:

Kevin: thank you so much for the shout out. you and your team are the greatest people. it was a great pleasure being your neighbor this week. By the way, thanks for drawing a crowd haha. it helped alot.

To add to what you out there as buyers want, SPEAK Up! I remember in November i posted a thread about what people want and where the industry is going. # people commented. I guess it was for the best BC we designed original costumes. All in all, bottom line. speak up.

Lastly, THANK YOU. Thank you to everyone who made this show outstanding. It was very rewarding knowing people came just for our costumes. Now we start working to get %100 order completion then get ready to shock you with our stuff for 2013. thanks to everyone

03-13-2012, 08:43 AM
One more thing from me... I think maybe unlike some that negative feedback is a positive. It's just some people go overboard with all sorts of outrageous petty complaints. Some people say mean things just to be mean. However stating what you did or didn't like about the tradeshow to me is all positive because vendors need to know what you think of their stuff, or what you'd rather see or don't want to see.

I think you should keep them coming!

Just keep in mind that your comments should have a positive point to the comment.


03-13-2012, 08:54 AM
My staff got me tons of info to go over. I did not see 3 hours of show floor!! I think my favorite item this year was Kevins Giant Ghost ( I did get that) Tim had some cool stuff too even though nothing that just was a perfect fit I got a costume from him because he's a good guy. I got like 10 new silicone mask. But honestly there was nothing there I could just not live without! I spent less this year than ever just because I was not interested. Maybe when I can sit down and go over all the stuff I will find more!!!!!! Shane and it's but I hope everyone had huge sales and it was a success for everyone! Shane

03-13-2012, 09:07 AM
I just don't think anything that was said was out of line, hurtfull, over board, or untrue. I have reread this thread a few times now and don't see anything that makes me say, "Oh my god, you shouldn't have said that, that is so rude".

Allen H
03-13-2012, 09:52 AM
I thought is was a good show- we are finally hitting on some products that we need to touch on to compete with the theme parks. For my own booth most people saw it looking pretty damn empty. I swear I had masks when I started. I brought 160 masks and they pretty much sold out by Friday morning. So people were buying! Here is a before and after my wife took.
the stocked booth And the booth after the first day
12435 12436

Lots more room for DVDs and Necklaces lol.

03-13-2012, 09:59 AM
Next year bring 300 Allen! Duhhhh. ;)

03-13-2012, 10:11 AM
I'd really like to see a Gore Galore and ScareFactory collaboration. Maybe a limited edition like 10 units.

damon carson
03-13-2012, 10:43 AM
I really liked the show! I enjoyed the hard work and over the top booths and props by little spider, distortions, and scarefactory. I liked the variety of. New things like the inflatable movie screen. Halloween themed rides and zip line. The interactive haunted house looked great again this year. Great show I hope to see great new things again next year! Maybe more companies from the iaapa show! Like food and ride vendors ect. damon

03-13-2012, 10:56 AM
You can never hear peoples tones of voice. Was shsocked to see Kevin apologise to me on this thread for thinking he offended me. He sent me a private message I saw hours ago..but did not check back on this thread. Told him to think of my comment as two guys sitting at the bar joking with each other. Kevin...I am kicking myself for not getting with you a year ago. There was something lacking from this show..and you are guy to have taken my idea and ran with it. Keep watch for private message and tell me what you think of it.

Wicked Farmer

03-13-2012, 11:42 AM
The floor was amazing this year, met a few new vendors for their first Transworld. Thought the costume side was maybe a little smaller but that doesn’t affect me. As always it was annoyingly loud and obnoxious on Saturday which we avoid all together and get our business done earlier.

The City Museum was very fun for me as it was quite unusual. Although I didn't expect there to be so much public access and presence of kids absolutely everywhere wondering why my face was painted like a monster.

So we noticed there weren’t any scent vendors there besides the fog/ scent additives from froggys but I know I haven’t seen sinister scents at Transworld in like 3 years.

Also the show seems to be becoming more family/ children friendly as the age has gone down we have seen less lingerie booths and the absence of the liquid latex girls. Maybe with the under 16 issue there could potentially be a day they allow it to assist with people bringing children? It's a better solution then just banning anyone under 16 however the first 2 days of the show are crucial for me to get business done and I appreciate not having that many extra bodies running around.

03-13-2012, 12:12 PM
There you go, charge less for children and restrict the hours/days they can be there. No kids on Saturday, or kids only from 9-1 or 1-5. Its not that I REALLY REALLY want to bring my children, its just starting to be difficult to attend without them. Maybe vendors could even use it to their advantage by trying to sell more pumpkin patch stuff or something. Make it happen Transworld. Besides, maybe more of those balloon pets would have sold.

03-13-2012, 03:47 PM
This was my 4th Transworld and in my opinion the best yet. The show was bigger. It took up the entire convention room this year. Took me 2 days to really see the entire floor. Had everything for haunted houses, inflatables to zip lines. The wow factor walking in the door was huge. Gore Galore made sure of that! The giant snake head, their new caged characters walking around and loved the new upgrade to their tall creatures. They even offered an option to upgrade your previously purchased creatures to the new rig for a small price.

I saw an equal variety of options for haunts with a big budget and options for haunts on a very limited budget. There’s now quality animatronics that are affordable from every company.

Scarefactory always has impressive animatronics but they are far out of my budget but it was nice to see that you could get a giant creature for as little as $3,000. The shooting game was amazing and they were offering financing. However, I thought the shooting game that was not in the dark zone was suited for me better because an actor could have the targets attached to him. Also, required less setup time and was only about $6,000 for the whole package. Can’t remember the name of that company at the moment though.

My personal favorites are Poison Props. They seem to be the most well built, quietest and most startling animatronics available, not to mention they’re a little over $1,000. Loved the head ripper with a cage on its head.

Dark Raven reinvented their snakes in the form of vines and even had a creature resembling something out of “The Thing”. The movement of their props are incredibly smooth.

Distortions had an old man in a wheelchair that would cough/sneeze water on you and had a more detailed rocking granny that was about $150.

Frightprops was amazing as usual. We do a lot of purchasing from them. They always deliver!

Dead house designs has the most impressive booth. Not only are their projections fantastic, I got lighting technique ideas from those guys. It took me a minute to figure out their projector placement. Very nice guys to talk to.

Brutal Rust offers very realistic rust paint. How cool is that! That makes my life way easier and cuts down on time for sure.

Immortal masks continue to impress me. Their sculpts are the best in my opinion. The detail vs cost is unbeatable! You can get a very believable creature of almost any kind from them for around $600. I remember a few years ago that just wasn’t possible.

CFX brought a new character I really enjoyed called “The Boogeyman.”

It was nice to see such a wide variety of silicone mask makers. Altered FX now reinforces their masks for more durability and Shattered FX even had silicone half masks for those who are on a seriously tight budget but want that realism. It’s now possible to get a nice silicone mask for around $250.

1313FX Frightzone has nice latex half masks for $20 while others have similar styled masks as much as $60. Their masks are perfect for sliders.

Stiltbeast Studios had very cool, original, affordable masks. Not only were they $100, they were unique and unlike any other mask being sold. They almost sold out the first day.

Lots of companies offering full detailed costumes. I really liked Midnight Studios FX. Their latex wolves and creature costumes are highly detailed with hair and very affordable around $1,000. I like how they pour up the inside of their masks to keep them firm on your head.

I can’t say enough about Haunt Tactics. The plants were cool but I thought they really brought it with their full polyfoam costumes. For a full costume costing $1,000 you really get a great product. The improvements they’ve made in just one year has me really excited to see what they bring in 2013.

I noticed alot of new fog companies this year but it’s hard to beat Froggy’s product and customer service. It was nice to see others were handing out samples though.

Necrotic Creations had beautiful hand sculpted cameos.

It’s obvious our industry is impacting more than just the halloween enthusiast now. There were more ATM, Picture marketing, photo booths, ticketing companies and insurance than ever before. We’re being noticed that’s for sure.

Education seems to be the focus lately with How to dvd’s from Hauntworld, Stiltbeast studios make-up and actor training, Creature Corps TV Show and even Villafane had a how to sculpt pumpkins dvd.

I also enjoyed talking to the face off crew. They were all nice and willing to answer any questions I had about make up and special FX. Nix did demos at the European bodyart booth all weekend. I learned alot from watching him and the Wolfe brothers at Graftobian. Tate’s company “Ill Willed” had the best looking latex masks of all the face off cast in my opinion. Meeting Robert Kurtzman was a treat. That guy is a legend in my book and hearing Philip Morris speak was absolutely amazing as well.

Very few negatives but the one’s I did see were noticable from the start. The name tags looked very cheaply done and the bag I recieved was a recycled bag from last year. It said “See you in 2012” on it. The show room floor stage looked thrown together as well. In years past the stage was actually a “stage” not a platform on the ground. The PA system used was lacking. There was only one speaker hooked up. Nobody seemed to grasp the concept that you can’t walk in front of a speaker with the microphone causing a damaging hi frequency noise. My advice is hire an audio specialist. Our hearing is worth the money. Other than that I thought the show was a success. I learned alot, purchased some new things for our show and made many new friends. I look forward to see what it brings next year.

Gore Galore
03-13-2012, 06:16 PM
why don't we chalk up my comments to me having too high of expections of what people would say.
And I am serious when I say it was only a couple opinions. But we can all have an opinion, that is why they call them opinions.
Lets just leave it at that. This thread has gone in a super positive direction. As Larry said. ALL feedback is good feedback if it helps focus the show more to make buyers and vendors happy.
Talking about my comments is distracting a good thread.

And thanks Mark, I appreciate the comments. Like I said. Sometimes it is hard to see the humor in words. There is no inflection.
Thanks again.

I just have to say this was the best show for us in several years. Not all because of great sales. But more because I feel buyers responded to my decisions and sculpting this year. This was the first year in quite a while I did ALOT of the sculpting. And my crew was totally on, I mean a real team. Working together to answer questions and generate sales. I mean they were so enthusiastic, professional, and it showed. They let everyone see how much they love this company. AND that has me flying high. I am so proud in every way. I haven't been able to sleep in a couple days I am so excited.

Brutal Rust Team
03-24-2012, 09:54 PM
Thanks for the kudos Daniel. We hope to see your project when it is finished. Please submit pictures to our Pimp My Project page and feel free to add a tutorial if you like. If you have any questions please feel free to call and we will do our best to help you.

Brutal Rust Team

Brutal Rust offers very realistic rust paint. How cool is that! That makes my life way easier and cuts down on time for sure.