View Full Version : My top 13 Transworld list

03-11-2012, 09:36 PM
13. Finding out all my flights included taxiing time so were much shorter then expected.
12. The weather was a lot warmer then at home.
11. Scary Gary !!!
10. Everyone was so nice, helpful, and willing to share info.
9. Many of the seminars provided great info.
8. Costume contest had some very inventive ideas.
7. Got quite a few items at the auction.
6. The Dark Zone.
5. Getting to see things work in person.
4. Getting to finally meet many of you folks.
3. City Museum was so cool!
2. The Darkness was FANTASTIC after 10mins I forgot I was in a building. Only wished the barrel wall was working :( Love the DJ booth.
1. The convention duh!!!