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03-12-2012, 05:52 AM
Figured I would at least get the 2012 order season started on a upbeat thread. Customer service...Distortions new Shock Therapy Shocktronic; the one that looked like a animatronic prop only with being hanging upside down being shocked and then ran out at you. Distortions was making that so it would fit in my van so it would ride home from St. Louis with me. Well they surprised me at Transworld. They decided for good of the prop they were going to make it slightly larger....and ship it to me free after Transworld since it would not now fit in my van. (They knew it would not affect my positioning in the haunt) Can't say that their above and beyond customer service surprised me though. I bought their Gargoyle Shock after meeting them and a couple other haunters at the Transworld church service a couple years ago in St. Louis. Their supplier of control part put the wrong size fuse in the controller and the gargoyle blew the undersized fuse after a few runs. LET ME MAKE CLEAR....the fuse problem was in NO WAY Distortions fault. None the less...I had replacement fuses in my hand in Michigan the NEXT DAY. They got ahold of their supplier and had the fuse it in my hand in less than 24 hours DURING HAUNT SEASON!! And Gargoyle Shock has not missed a beat in two seasons. Customer serviceis so good it is scary. Amid all the strain from having cameras follow their every step...they still take care of the little guy like I was their biggest customer.

Poison Props. Saw video's of their new stuff for 2012 before Transworld. I have a great spot for their new Three Head Dropper. It was very small...so I asked if they possibly would have room to bring an extra one to Transworld. They said they could squeeze it into the crates before shipping them to St. Louis. Introduced myself at the show and it was all wrapped in bubble wrap; complete with directions ready for me. (Don't laugh about the directions bit...I have bought much bigger stuff from others without directions). I rsisted the temptation to hang it in the hotel rooms shower where cleaning lady would see it. There will be a Drop Portrait Zombie headed my way before this fall.

Gore Galore. Just had to mention even though I didn't seal the deal THIS year. Had great communications with them had me come into the structure they had holding the goat head and spctre and operate each so I understood what my actors would be doing all night. I LOVE the track system with interchangable heads and its ease of use and will not wear out my actor The goat head on the track/pully system will find its way to my corn field some year.

Fright Props...I'll just say it is nice to see they have changed their catalog and done away with what used to be confusing info about "complete" props on the inside cover of former catalogs and now show each prop priced with each trigger system option. Should be smoother for customer.

Wicked Farmer

03-12-2012, 05:55 AM
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03-12-2012, 09:49 AM
I also had a great customer service story from Transworld.

I bought the cannon floor model from Edge Designs. They helped break it down and get it loaded into my minivan on Sunday, and made sure I knew exactly how to get it back together. (In case I forget by this fall, it's all color coded!) There is no way I would have been able to get this prop to my vehicle to drive it home without their help, especially since 4 wheel dollies or carts of any kind were not permitted due to union rules at the convention center. (If you wanted to use 4 wheels, you had to hire a union guy to do the work for you.) They did this in the middle of trying to break down their booth in time to get to flights home (I hope everyone made it alright.)

A big thanks to Edge Designs.