View Full Version : Creepyworld Trailer Haunt Tour Questions

RJ Productions
03-12-2012, 12:14 PM
Big thanks to Larry and everyone that attended the tour and Zombie Safari!

I was on hand to answer questions after the walk through. I had some good questions and a good comment, "Really liked it, I'll probably have questions when I get home!" I did get stopped several times at the show with questions thought of after the fact.

Once the "after glow" of Transworld mellows and you begin the remember everything you told yourself to remember..

If you have any questions in regards to the Trailer Haunt walkthrough just post them here and I'll try and anwer them.

As I did explan to several, there are a number of articles on the concept in the Hauntworld Magazines. Unfortunately several of them are no longer available as they are out of print. To remedy this, I have put PDF's of the articles on my website that you can download:


I added an ARTICLES Tab on the site. There are the Trailer articles, plus a few others that related to other seminars I was doing.

Check there and it may answer your questions, or create new ones!! Post here and I'll try and help!! A lot of people who had never seen a Trailer Style attraction were amazed as the biggest comment I was getting was "I didn't feel like I was in trailers!"

Thanks Larry and thanks John at the door!