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03-12-2012, 03:04 PM
Hey guys, I am building a huge facade this year for a 2nd attraction that is about 80 ft. wide and 8-16 ft. tall and it will be stand alone meaning nothing is behind it but a field. I have seen some facades at other places and even saw some in creepyworld the other night on a haunt tour. I am wondering what the best way to build this thing so that it will stand up to the wind. Also, what is the best material for outdoor year round rain? Most people use the slat wood siding which is what I am figuring to use. I just need help deciding how to brace it or what I need to do to make it sturdy so that it dont blow down in the off season or more importantly the haunt season. If you have done something like this throw some ideas my way! Thanks!

03-13-2012, 01:58 PM
Imagine a saltines cracker box. Lay it on it's side. Put it behind your facade drawing. Add additional angle braces if necessary. Post hole at least 6 poles into the ground 2.5 feet deep, on the back side of that box. I'd wrap the box. I've seen wind do some pretty nasty things and it not even be stormy. With sides on it, it's LESS likely to have damage. If you have the back anchored to the ground, it shouldn't pull forward.

Also try not to extend any facade past framing. Even plywood can get torn or snap in high winds without any bracing.
DO NOT feel bad for overkilling it! If you have it, use it.

The last thing you need / want is someone to get hurt by a falling facade.

Build it right, and you can put windows in the front with actors on the framing / scaffolding that can hang out and aggravate patrons.

Just my 2 cents. I've built like this before and worked fine. It wasn't 80ft wide, but about 50ft.

Also, if you angle the sides to about 45* and not 90*, it'll help hide a bit more and appear longer.

Just reread your post. Am I correct in assuming this is a permanant setting for the facade? If so, anchor every vertical post and use concrete. My dad said he'd suggest 6" posting for the facade facing, and 4" posts for the support frame behind it.

03-15-2012, 11:27 AM
I know nothing about this when it applies to haunt stuff, I would anchor it though much like with a wooden fence and use thick beams as main supports. Build your panels and then work with the facade starting back to front. Brace the back if needed, but if you are building say like a small house/store facade that is 3 dimensional it might not be needed. I don't have much to say about outdoor materials and what is best. All I can give is use things that are meant to be outdoors haha.