View Full Version : Darklight Haunted House Lighting Bundle

03-14-2012, 10:41 AM
we got a lot of requests from people to keep the haunted house bundle around a bit longer after Transworld so they can decide, here it is:

we'll have this available until April.

this year the bundle is TOTALLY different, instead of putting together set colors (most people end up with too many of one color and not enough of another), we're putting together a package of the new Precision Alphas + Flicker Controllers + Power Supply. This is everything you need to get started with your show --- the Precision Alphas are our brightest spotlights to date, you can adjust the color, angle, and brightness with color gels (also included). Our flicker controllers can plug into the lights to give them flicker, strobe, fade, etc...

one of the MAJOR advantages of the Precision Alpha is that it's a filtered light source --- the colors that come out are a lot softer than traditional colored LEDs. Often times you end up spending all this time detailing your set, just to have it washed out by some green LED flood... if you used a white light + green filter, a lot of your original set colors and still be seen, you're only "tinting" it with green instead of washing it out.

check out some of the effects we were able to achieve with the new lights at the Transworld Interactive Haunted House: