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Karl Fields
03-15-2012, 11:47 PM
I have dealt with some great customer service and some stinko ones in years past - and I mean really stinko!

First three orders of this year were in the great category:

Dark Light - While Quan was in China the end of February, I ordered a bunch of lighting. Had a few questions about stock, functionality, etc. He got right back to me, processed the order the next day and I received it, complete, the day after that. Really nice to have a vendor that much on top of things.

Distortions - have always treated me well in the past, but I called in an order the first week of March, as they were packing up for Transworld. I needed it for an event we are doing next week. They thought they could get the new product out to me and would call if a problem. No phone calls and I became concerned, but low and behold - the packages arrived last Friday - just as promised!

Pale Night - Again, I called Kip the first week of March to order a prop. Not only was he preparing for Transworld, but was neck deep in the Darkness build. He told me he should be able to ship March 7th. True to his word, the order arrived today! Let me say that this fairly complicated prop was truly plug and play. Kind of rare these days.
I was also impressed with the packaging. No, I'm not usually that anal, just that I have seen some real 'creative' packaging arrive on my door step. You know, long pieces sticking out a hole in the cardboard box, or the entire large item simply shrink wrapped, or card board taped around the prop - and worse. Kip's crate was marvelous, well designed, did it's job and was simple to disassemble. Of course the prop was nice too, but sometimes we overlook the small things like packaging.

Thanks to all three and I will ordering from them again!

03-17-2012, 06:38 AM
Thanks Karl. As I mentioned to you on the phone, my guys take a lot of pride in their crating since we, too, have seen how bad packaging can be and not just from haunters. I buy a lot of liquid chemicals from various companies and have probably returned more than 10% because they were broken...but I digress.

We were really glad that we could get your order out to you in time for your show. We really try to work with our customers and meet their needs and, most importantly, their deadlines.

I hope the show goes well and the prop works out for you. Thanks again for the order.

Gore Galore
03-17-2012, 09:00 AM
thanks for sharing your good experience.
I like seeing this.
You don't get to see positive comments often enough.

Sadly, on the reverse, negative vendor feedback reflects poorly on all vendors, not just the offending party.
As example, we had a knock off competitor, who has recently gone belly up thankfully, was delivering inferior product in a poorly packaged way, and those products were getting trashed in shipping. Their poor business acumen reflected poorly on us because we also make giant costumes. We almost lost a few sales because of their previous years experience with this other vendor. I had to go into extreme detail on how we ship and how we build our products to separate us from that company.

So, thank you again for your positive comments.

03-17-2012, 02:12 PM
But what do you expect from a dumb dirt farmer but to somehow put it in wrong area. Idiot. Anyway the thread reads something like 'Before the WHERES MY PROP? threads start". It tells of similar great service encountered recently. Get this...at Transworld a company invited me in behind the monsters TO OPERATE THEM!!! Real hands on test so I knew exactly what my actors would be doing all night. Of course that was your comapny Kevin; Gore Galore. Operating the big headed snake was not bad at all for its size! And it was not going to wear out my guys.

Wicked Farmer

03-17-2012, 02:51 PM
Have done business with your later two both excellent attention to detail. I would add FrightProps as a very positive experience time in and time out very helpful!

Mistress DeSade
03-17-2012, 07:37 PM
Thanks Karl-

always value your insight! (and MISSED you at TW!). Quan was very informative at his class-placed an initial order...Pale Night's getting my first order this week-their stuff just rocks- so it's always nice to hear good things from a respected fellow haunter!

Kathryn DeSautell

03-20-2012, 03:58 PM

thank you so much for your kind words. we try hard to satisfy our customers' needs --- we believe that's what it takes to build a successful and lasting business.

on another note, I also wanted to say publicly on this forum, a big THANK YOU KARL, without Pirates of Emerson, we wouldn't be here and Darklight wouldn't exist.

--- for those interested, I was first exposed to haunted attractions when I was attending college at UC Berkeley, we would volunteer at Karl's haunt for my club's fundraiser. I've never had more fun scaring the $h!t outta his customers LOL. That's how I caught "the bug" and years later my wife and I created Shanghai Nightmare in 2009, and then Darklight in 2010. It was awesome to go back and see POE after 5+ years... a lot has changed.

butterfly effect at work here --- anything you do can make a great impact on future events.

- Quan