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03-24-2012, 11:11 PM
Alright so I'm pretty nervous about this yet super excited: I'm basically going to teach myself (starting later today) how to do special effects make-up without the use of prosthetics. This newfound interest is serving two purposes: 1) my digital photography assignment in which I have to take portraits. The only rule: blow my professor's mind. 2) it serves my haunted resume by putting my fine art painting skills to the test in a different direction. Painting on a face isn't the same as painting on a canvas. Why am I not using prosthetics? Well, because I'm in the middle of ND and there isn't anything like that here and I'm an art student (that means no money) and the theatre department here....I'd do better without.

Materials that I have:
-small containers of face and body paint that is water reducible and will be put through an airbrush machine for the fine work and blending. (I do know how to use an airbrush).
-two tubes of cream face paint in black and white
-the usual face paint kit that you can get anywhere with palettes of (horrible) primary colors, the pencils and sponges.
-dig. camera (there will be little to no touching up in Lightroom or Photoshop)
-dark, dark room and spotlights for dramatic lighting

With that in mind, any advice?!??!?!? *deranged, nervous smile*

03-25-2012, 06:09 AM
Delilahween has great ideas. She has several cool makeup ideas on youtube and you don't need an airbrush.