View Full Version : Question for Haunt Owners -- Movie franchises

03-28-2012, 10:38 AM
How many haunt owners out there would interested in having access to movie and game franchises for use in their haunts, either as a second attraction or a primary? I've been in the movie business for a while and we're putting together some things that we may end up offering to haunt owners in the near future. It would include branding materials (banners, posters, etc), multimedia (video clips, etc), music, some really innovative technology that I can't talk about at the moment and other assorted things that would make up a renovation package, all for a very nominal cost. The design is that the studios would use this as a promotional tool so it would keep the costs down and haunt would get exclusive items straight from the studio. Is there any interest in this and what kinds of movie franchises would owners be interested in? I'd like some suggestions on not only big ones, but maybe the smaller horror movies as well. Just throw out some dream franchises that you might want to do.