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03-29-2012, 06:19 PM
Hey everyone! Theres a character that i'm working on but can't find the pieces anywhere so i thought id make my own. I have watched Allen H's videos on casting and sculpting so i don't need any help with that (Any tips would be appreciated though). What I need help with is the clay. What type of clay should I use? Where can I get from? How much is it? Thanks in advanced.


Allen H
03-29-2012, 09:00 PM
Clay is a matter of great debate. There are two camps for Clay- water based and oil based clay. what kind of clay you use is up to your choice or needs for that particular project. I am a water based clay kind of guy. Here are my (slightly biased) pros and cons
Water based---------------------------------------------------- Oil based
softer, easier and faster to work---------------------------------------Fairly firm, normally needs to be heated to be worked heavily
smooths with water---------------------------------------------------smooths with solvents or alcohol
holds detail pretty well-------------------------------------------------holds detail really well
can dry out and crack if left uncovered--------------------------------will never dry out.....well almost never.
Dirt cheap (actually is dirt) ~$25for 100lbs.----------------------------Fairly expensive ~$10 a pound
comes in dirt colors and classic grey-----------------------------------comes in maroon, taupe, greenish, brownish
hardens if heated--------------------------------------------------melts if heated (can be a good thing)
you can mees up a sculpt accidentialy cause it is soft------------------Harder clay = less smudged sculpts

those are the differences as I recall them. I am a water based guy, but I will do teeth in oil based because the fine points dry out easily in water based, but only if I am not molding within a day or so.
I hope I wasnt to biased.
Allen H

03-30-2012, 02:59 PM
Thanks Allen. I think that i'll go with water based. It seems much easier to us and allot cheaper(which is probably the most important factor here). Where do you get your clay from? $25 bucks for a hundred pounds sounds like a great deal.