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04-25-2012, 08:53 AM
I FINALLY got my HAA membership package after nearly three and half months and I still don't have access to the online forum. I can't even find out what the discounts are, if there are any, to the MHC. Is there a discount on registering? Buying stuff? Does anyone on here know?? I get that people are busy and they have careers and whatnot but this is why one has assistants: to take care of things when one can't.

Signed, a bit peeved

Dr Spooktakular
04-25-2012, 10:25 AM
I think most of the owners on here would agree that you should have saved your money. These organizations are a joke. I paid for IAHA a few years ago and it was a total blow! If you want a discount when buying stuff from vendors, just ask, most will hook you up.

Gore Galore
04-25-2012, 10:51 AM
If you are looking for discounts with vendors, I can guarantee one way you will get them.
Repeat business. Pick a vendor you really like, and trust and buy from them repeatedly and you will consistently get discounts. We support those that support us;)
"Repeat Buyer Discount"
And we always give discounts on volume. I am sure others will too.

04-25-2012, 01:49 PM
If I'm wasting my money then what's the point in joining an association that has discounted prices on tradeshows, products, activities and social events? What's the point in paying for a year's membership if I can't get access to the online forum or have better access to the companies that are in this industry so that I can network better? What's the point in offering discounts on the safety seminar series that they have? Where does one even GO to take those? Oh and the newsletter? WHERE'S THE FRIGGIN INFORMATION AT?! (Sorry, I'm not ranting at any of you guys).

04-25-2012, 03:51 PM
While I'm not a member of the orgs like HAA or IAPA, after many discussions with other haunt owners and vendors that are or have been a member of them, I've been told by many not to even bother with them. You can probably get better discounts with the vendors by talking with them directly like others have said or by buying a subscription to Hauntcast and getting the deals they have worked out with vendors. If your talking about joining the org for the ability to network, I would say stick to reaching out to people on forums like this, Facebook Groups, industry related sites like HauntersDigest.com and putting your money to events like TransWorld, MHC, or Hauntcon where you can meet people face to face. Personally, unless they are doing things like lobbying with government orgs to represent you or on behalf the industry or other things you would expect a professional organization your paying dues to, then I would save your money or put that fee to help paying a hotel booking at a convention. All I've ever seen them say they do is give you access to forums that who knows if anyone is actually using, a magazine subscription (maybe), and the ability to stick a sticker on your haunts front door. I have nothing against the idea of a Haunt Industry organization and would join one, if I just saw serious benefit to joining it and where the money is going other than a magazine subscription.

04-26-2012, 09:18 AM
The very last post they put up on their own facebook was MERRY CHRISTMAS! The last update they put up on their own website was announcing the legendary haunt tour LAST YEAR! Oddly enough that haunt tour included the Presidents haunt... since no report on Halloween Season, IAAPA, no announcement on or promoting this past Halloween convention, nothing about Hauntcon, nothing... PERIOD!

I think you wasted your money. Ask for a refund. That is my opinion.


04-26-2012, 10:53 AM
I understand your concerns. I must tell you officially that if you have questions or concerns for the association that you should make contact via email to infoHauntedattractionassociation.com

Privately, I can tell you that I expect exciting things to be happening with the association that will make you more than pleased to be a member. There are a number of new board members, myself included and we have only recently had our first meeting as a new group. Stay tuned, big things on the way.

Brett Hays

04-26-2012, 12:29 PM

No offense but this has already been stated year after year after year since this whole thing got started and its been a joke. This group isn't going to do nothing that makes an impact on this industry or any other. If so we'd see more over the last two years whereby they took peoples money and did what with? There is only a handful of members for a reason...people are fed up with all the hype and no action. The reality is this group has turned so many people against it, its really to the point where its worse than IAHA ever was. They have grudges against tradeshows, magazines websites, and certain people. I was told they won't support Hauntcon because of Leonard ... that is a joke right there because it doesn't matter if you don't like one person what matters is how it benefits everyone as an industry. Why isn't there support for HAUNTCON RIGHT NOW? Where was the support for Transworld why not even a post on your facebook, or website? WHY? Is it really that hard?

Transworld gives this association all sorts of things why I don't know but this group didn't even post a blurb on their website about the show. Sad. There is no excuse! None!

Here is the reality just fyi... haunters running an association will never work because no one really trusts each other. Secondly there is no need for it because all the things an association does they are already being done by private business or other larger associations.

PR: This is being done by several groups on a much larger scale. And the PR side of things have already taken off with wings of its own.

Directory: This could be a good one but its already so far advanced by other groups you could never catch up.

Magazines: I think we have four or something not to mention tons of amusement magazine already being published. No need.

Education: This is already being done by Hauntcon, TW, MHC, host of other shows, message boards, magazines, and good old fashion telephones or email. Again anything you could carve out here would be next to nothing as you are already overwhelmed with opportunities.

Government Relations: Already being done through IAAPA and either way we could never afford to organize a lobby group unless we'd be willing to pay $1000 or more for a membership and everyone in the industry agrees to join. So rule that out and thankfully already covered.

Tradeshows: OMG... this is the biggest and best way associations raise money to support their efforts. This couldn't be done by HHA because for one I doubt anyone would care, but reality is we already have tons of established events and there is no need for another.

The point is that everything you want an association to do is already being done really well ... this lowers the need for an association to almost nothing. If you want to exhibit at IAAPA you have to be a member... this forces membership, try getting TW to agree to something like that, or MHC, or Hauntcon or any of them. Never going to happen. There is just simply put no use for an association, and unless you can get membership up to 1000 or more its weak... how many actual unique attraction owner members are there now 100? There are 4000 plus haunts out there... you represent almost no one. And if you issued lets say a boycott against a business your members wouldn't listen...they'd do what they want. That is the haunt industry.

So basically even if everyone got alone (which would be great) and everyone trusted everyone (which would also be great) is there a need for this??? When you look at what most assocaitions do and the functions they serve their industry like organizing education, tradeshows, magazines, blah, blah the answer is simple... NO there is NO need what so ever. For the money you would spend on this you could subscribe to every magazine, you could all the how to DVDs, you could buy like all the seminars at say TW, you could buy more stuff that would actually help your business than you could if you joined.


04-26-2012, 02:23 PM
I got to run to class in a few so I'll make this one short: Larry, I haven't read your post yet but Brett I will respond to yours. I have called and emailed the association numerous times and as I've said before I turned in the form for my membership and access for everything the second week of January and I just now got my letter yet I still don't have access to the forum or other information that is pertinent to someone like me who has paid to get something and hasn't. Bottom line: customer service sucks. And no offense to you; you're new. You just started so you're forgiven. Everyone else isn't. There's no excuse...unless there's a really, really, super-duper great one.

04-26-2012, 05:51 PM
Sorry, I meant to say, I have called and emailed the association numerous times and it takes forever for me to get some kind of response back. Sometimes a couple of weeks.

04-26-2012, 05:59 PM
Now that I've read everyone's posts and there's probably more to come, I can certainly say that I'm glad I did post this thread. I'm starting to understand why I haven't gotten anywhere with HAA. And it's sad. Wish I would've come here first and ask if it would be a smart thing to do. Wow...I feel like I've been played for stupid.

04-26-2012, 09:14 PM
Someone tell me WHY... the President who in my opinion has done NOTHING but alienate people left and right, and has totally failed to energize the industry to join this group is still the President like what 5 years running or something? When is enough enough? He has failed 110% on every level again I say their website hasn't been updated in a year, nothing not a word, there facebook last comment was MERRY CHRISTMAS... total and utter failure.

He's alienated so many people, their secretary (from KC Beast) got into several disputes with this guy to the point that she would only speak to him through an attorney... yeah you heard that right. Additionally she resigned when she was one the main people who was committed to getting stuff done. Our company even traded letters back and forth through attorneys because of things he did... listen you want to change something then get someone new to lead the group because this is and outrage that the same guy is President again.

Someone tell me what he's done outside of piss off a lot of people, and bring on several people who communicated with him through attorneys.

Whats up with that? I will never support this group because I feel attacked by them, when in fact they should have done the following:

1) Hey industry we have a clean slate here as we start over from scratch. No that didn't happen... lets go after people was the approach.

2) Hey industry lets engage, lets do what the industry wants lets open this up to everyone make this thing public and open rather than some closed walled up city where you don't have a clue what they do if anything.

3) They could have said lets figure out a way to promote all the industry not a select few, and get everyone on board not just a couple people.

Listen the bottom line is this... even if they used their website to promote something it wouldn't make a difference they have hardly any if any traffic but its the thought that counts. This thing is in reverse and the only way to finally let it crash into a brick wall is simply put... stop giving them money.