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04-28-2012, 09:48 AM
Answer the first question, Who SHOULD venders offer better customer service to? Then come answer this one.

12-04-2012, 01:22 PM
The way I see it is an order is an order, wheter it come from a Mega Haunt or a Small Haunted Farm. The customer is placing his trust in your hands that you WILL have someone on staff that can answer even the smallest of questions. Some vendors already do this and it angers me to no end that my friends at smaller haunts dont get the same customer service as the bigger haunts and usually have to wait to get their order.

12-17-2012, 12:42 AM
The way I see it is an order is an order, wheter it come from a Mega Haunt or a Small Haunted Farm. The customer is placing his trust in your hands that you WILL have someone on staff that can answer even the smallest of questions. Some vendors already do this and it angers me to no end that my friends at smaller haunts dont get the same customer service as the bigger haunts and usually have to wait to get their order.

Thanks for posting.

Some companies may only cater to larger haunts/attractions which is ok, due to their large expensive props/rides and I'm not talking about them. This set of poll questions are for companies whom sell to all, they SHOULD bend over backwards to all.. but most don't and the votes prove it.

Thanks to all who voted. Have a nice week!

Peter T

Jim Warfield
01-18-2013, 06:31 PM
To operating any business or a haunted attraction, in our case moreso than usual because we are small and open every night of the year, we are a tourist destination in the Summer seeing families,entertaining families that we would really like to and need to entertain again!
You never really know just how many potentual customers one or two people can eventually bring to your place of business, so treat everyone as good as humanly possible and you will do great, no matter what else.
So you can't afford the next biggest/ best "Whatsit?" Substitute personal service and you wil still win the most important customers who respond to a more personalized experience, which is just about everyone!
Of course I have my own personal "druthers" as far as what type of a show to put on for maximum positive effect from John Q. Public, and we do scare, we can scare most, more if we had to, and could possibly over-scare a great many accidently (Not involving my underware drawer though!)
A few choice screams from the group, spread around from front to back between old and young, everyone laughing right afterwards at themselves or each other makes a perfect mix and a very memorable time, which then keeps it alive in their memory and helps promote as no ad or lies (Or hype?) ever could,making a snowballing effect as the years roll on.

01-30-2013, 11:35 PM
Let me give you my two cents on this because I have some good insight on this subject.

For years we built animations, props, and full blown haunted houses plus sold videos and at one point started making a magazine. LOL

We learned a long time ago it wasn't worth making animations and haunted houses because you can't do both good at the same time. When you sell individual items like animations to customers they want the same attention that the guy who gets a $200,000 attraction from you. What happens is you can't handle both and people who you sold small props to gets mad at you and runs your name through the ringer.

This is a fact... so we gave up making animations and stuck to building haunted houses. Something magical happened... we started building the haunted houses better than ever before, while we just had other vendors make the props and animations for us. We never really got back into the business of making animations again and from there we started dealing with 5 6 or maybe 8 customers a year.

Bottom line is if you choose to build animations lets say and sell one to this guy and two to that guy while at the same time take on giant projects... you have no choice but to put most of your time towards the big project because its a big project. yes the guy who bought one animation suffers to some degree he gets pissed and next thing you know he's telling everyone you suck!

The bottom line is if you take someones money be it 30 dollars or 300,000 dollars you should treat everyone the same exact way... even if its impossible.

No one should be treated different ever and I think no matter how hard it is to do you should strive for it... Larry

09-11-2013, 10:51 AM
good answer larry!! I agree 100%.. The reason my company started was because companies would find out I only needed one mask or one prop and never answer me again. Or take my money then run for the hills. so I decided to take the money I would use on a prop, mask w.e. and figure it out myself. Its costs more in the beginning but saves in the long run. Hope everyone has a great season!! See you @ Transworld!!

Peter T

11-12-2013, 09:37 AM
I treat ALL of my clients equally... That's the respect they deserve.

Right or wrong that's how I look at it...

We had a few last minute orders from some bigger haunts and even though I rushed to get the orders out - they were LAST IN LINE... Of course I made them aware of my policy on ordering but I refuse to put a small order in hold delaying the clients order just because someone with more money is behind them ...

Maybe I have morals ? But rights right... And the little guy deserves the same respect as a bigger guy...

Just my .02


Gore Galore
11-13-2013, 04:57 PM
We have worked to remove that as an issue.
We make it about our production schedule so it is first come first served.
And that doesn't account for how much money a customer spent. That comes into play because a larger order takes longer to produce so the next customer's order may take longer to get to since we might be working on a huge order.

Now, here is the thing that frustrates me. It is not the big customers that ever complain to us about how long that something takes etc... They ALWAYS seem to understand than orders take time. It is ALWAYS the guy who spent $50 and thinks he should have it tomorrow. This isn't walmart guys. We hand make ALL our products and there might be 50, a hundred, or more customer's orders in front of yours.
SO, this is why we focus on higher end products rather than cheap low budget props.
But yes, I would prefer fewer orders at a larger price point. What company wouldn't. However, We do our best to take care of everyone just the same. It is more fun that way. We love making it personal. We build everything specifically for a certain person. so, getting to know that person is so much more awesome than just an order #. It is ALL about relationships.

11-15-2013, 09:32 PM
What Kevin Said!
I personally tend to have even better business relationships with newbies.
They are always very excited about their first Animatronic and the fact that I call them back : )

12-11-2013, 03:26 AM
I would agree 110% with Kevin... at least now that he mentions it. We sell a lot of videos for example or magazines or whatever... and sometimes a guy places an order 10 minutes ago and all of a sudden he's complaining about how long its taking.

Getting back to the main subject I'll say again that no one should get better service than anyone else... but you must remember that some companies are kept in business by returning customers who place orders over and over again year after year after year... those customers should get the red carpet treatment always.

I think that simply goes with the territory. I will say though when someone orders from our supply store we don't even look at the name we just ship out the orders in the order they come in so that is that. When we build attractions for people same thing we build things to meet customers deadlines if one customer has a longer deadline even if he ordered first we'll bang out something else that needs to go out today type of thing.

But I think some of what you are saying is the case and probably always will be the case but more so based on not haunt size but loyalty from customer to company.


01-24-2014, 10:31 PM
Only issue which might want special treatment is if a vendor promises a time table for an item/s and is in danger of missing their deadline. Be it one $50 prop or $50,000 scene you let someone know you'd be able to deliver so even if u take a loss on paying overtime to your whole crew you own it to them to make it right and deliver on schedule.

02-25-2015, 08:01 PM
its amazing how one small phone call can save your reputation.

Peter T