View Full Version : It's All Coming "Together" here.

Jim Warfield
05-13-2012, 07:50 AM
Last night some long time fans of The Ravens Grin finally were able to get to Mount Carroll and see the house.
During the 25 years that I have owned this house many things have changed, not always for the better in this small "downtown". Now there is a "Destination" here of 1880 architecture, the street lights, the brick streets, County Courthouse with Civil War monument and cannons and a refurbished "Nightlife" of great places to eat and relax , listen to live music and a Victorian era Hotel at the beginning of the downtown to spend the night in, all of this backed up to a cliff and small river and Ravens Grin is right behind all the activity (right on the edge of the cliff), across from the large grave yard on the hill overlooking the downtown.
Last night's fans had a Daughter with them who said that she would really like to live here after she graduates.
It all fits together very well. I knew it could from the first time a new visitor to Ravens Grin asked me if I owned the whole downtown? A question asked years ago when the rest of the downtown looked deserted as if it was just a " movie set" leading up to my house.

Greg Chrise
05-13-2012, 10:23 AM
Driving through all the corn fields to get to your town knowing the movies have told you not to go meet someone you met on the internet is also a wild experience. Then even the little house architecture is pretty cool and inviting.