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05-16-2012, 11:49 AM
i know there has been a few threads on this but just wondering how many of you make a living just doing haunts. Were I live the cost of living is cheap. I could do well with $50,000 net. i dont see that as being unrealistic.

i wanted to do a poll

1 Haunt is primary income
2 Haunt is secondary income
3 Haunt/haunt related is only income

but i didnt know how.:confused: HEY I THINK I DID THE POLL!!!

Laughing Jack
05-16-2012, 02:10 PM
THis is my first huant, but I'm not even considering it secondary income.
I'll be happy if it pays for the after party........

05-16-2012, 04:48 PM
I voted primary because at the end of the day, that is goal. I'm as far in as I can get with my current job. Even if my friend/ current boss leaves after college, they'll just put a guy from the town the mother store is in, in his position. Store wise, I'm next up, but won't happen.

SO! With that said, my income is minimal really. I only make about $2 above min. wage and I'm doing a job that people go to college for! Well, the haunt building IS my home now. We moved in last night in fact. So if the haunt takes care of it's own, it'll take care of us!

Not to mention with my back health, ehh. 40/wk under supervision is looking slim anyways. Working for myself I can have help and take breaks when I'm hurting w/o getting looked at funny.

Jim Warfield
05-17-2012, 11:05 PM
Sounds simliar to my story. My back got hurt, I laid in bed a month, began trying to figure out what I could do for a living besides grunting all day and half of the night fixing junk furnaces, Air conditioners and some plumbing once and awhile.
I could work here on my haunt, usually nothing is so pressing that I must race around or even keep working if my back hurts too much...When working on the other previously mentioned equiptment it HAD to be fixed by quitting time or hooked back up. I worked many long hours after hours, Sundays and never got paid for it- it wasn't my business I was working for my Dad.
Owning, building a haunted attraction is not leisure activity for me here, I always have much more to do than I can ever get done since I do it all here. This morning I cleaned,vacuumed, then trimmed some vines that had obscurred my Pteradactyl which graces the south side of my house,I began touch-up painting my one Spookmobile but got carried away and used a complete spray can on just the hood. then saw my Brother to see how he was health-wise, then built a work table in the garage, ran home slightly late for 7pm possible tours, had a call at 7:30 telling me 5 people were going to be here within the hour from 30 miles away(more getting "Ready") Then I took them all through my house for the next 90 minutes, calming a 4 yr. old, entertaining the two younger kids.
I have several big projects part way completed now, welding, drilling holes in steel is what most of it involves. I have many hours of mowing , then trimming vines and limbs around here, which must be done!
I have "built" some new low-voltage lighting for my backyard maze and I discovered just tonight I need to make more of it all, because It has to eventually be "Raccoon Proof", since they steal the push in light bulbs on a regular schedule..it's always "something"
I love entertaining people here and as long as I don't stop moving for too long my old body feels better..... usually.

Greg Chrise
05-18-2012, 05:41 AM
Coming to the Raccoon Playhouse Theater: The Dark Crystal an interpretive piece where 12 bad Raccoons and 12 good Raccoons bring push in light bulbs to the cerimonal place and it makes one big light bulb when the planets align just right.

05-19-2012, 08:43 AM

Jim, that's exactly how it is / will be with me. Even sitting still too long, yeup, know that feeling. Too hard to get back up once it's done. Also glad to see the serious side of you, even for a minute :D

Yeah, there's tons of work here to be done. Mowing, even the parking lot has lots of grass that needs killed off. We keep getting these huge bugs, like roaches inside the building. We have to figure out where they're coming from and stop it. There's a bathroom with 2 toilets we need to convert to a full bath. There's absolutely ZERO carpeting in this building, it has it's good and bad to that. But we'll still have to have some walkways covered with something. We still haven't started construction, but here's the kicker, I'll have plenty of time now... I'll just leave it at that for now.

We'll HAVE to make it work now, there's no other option.


Greg Chrise
05-20-2012, 12:38 PM
Update: I think the Raccoon conspiracy has been working toward that one big light bulb to turn on during todays eclipse. They are such show offs.

Jim Warfield
05-20-2012, 05:39 PM
I just had two people here for the 2 O'clock tour, they are from Seattle, Washington. We all really had much fun here too!
I scared him pretty intensly infront of his woman! (But he got over it quickly(= smart guy)
At the tour's conclusion they said they will be bringing his brother here...Like my business motto says:"Bring your Friends, Send your Enemies!" No, not enemas!
Like Gregg has told me, we are just good at screwing up things (for a haunt) and I am about finished adding my own artwork to a nice framed painting I bought at a local auction awhile ago... I definately improved the origional image, at least "intrest"-Wise!
I took a hum-drum landscape and added elements of wonder, fancy , and a touch of amatuer psychology, all with just a small paint brush and one color, flat white.which really stands out since the original work is all yellowed.

Greg Chrise
05-20-2012, 09:46 PM
It's not just screwing things up. It is under great pressure to get hold of something and fudge it up, something each and every day. Being tremendously productive in a weird way. Being crazy enough to invent your own schedule. Sitting in the chair in a cold sweat repeating the mantra "what can I fudge up today?" In an artistic modifying things of the world kinda of way, natural or man made. Make them better, more entertaining. Like when you pass away there is the largest pile of crap ever. Over a number of years what was a 99 cent item is now worth $25 or $25,000 because you really don't want to have to make another one.

A few helpers ago thought I should start a web site with pictures and the occasional video with the domain name: www.whatdidgregfuckuptoday.com (http://www.whatdidgregfuckuptoday.com).

It's a job. Someone has to do it. There is no way to make a business plan because you have no idea what you can find to fudge up any given day, so you have to be resourcefull and results oriented. A self starter, a go getter and all that crap. Not someone that accidentally screws things up.

So maybe number 3 on the secrets of the Ravens Grin Inn is that what ever item you have made, is rented out to be seen by the public who enjoy it for their ticket price. Rather than if you claimed to be an artist, you make a painting, then you sell the painting, then you have to make another painting to be able to sell and make money. So after 20 some years there are thousands upon thousands of modified items to be seen. Things that are seriously creative, entertaining, hillarious or making one doubt if they haven't been locked inside the house of a mad man.

So you start out in your spare time screwing things up, then you become a part time messer upper than at some point you are making enough money where you are fucking-things up by popular demand. To go really super pro, you buy things other people already screwed up and fix them even more.

But, if you absolutly do need some cash you can sell things to other haunts and those items go on to entertain thousands more people. Something sold for $400 has entertained another 28,000 people. Something sold for $4,000 has gone on to entertain another maybe 20,000 people so far. Do the math on that price per customer price point.

You can cross markets to making things some haunt enthusiast might want on a collectors shelf or sell to a home haunt or sell to all the local haunts. All the more reason to not consider any other haunt "competition". Every haunt seems to find it's own customer base.

So you don't need a business plan. All you need is a trashy chair to sit in and ask, what can I fudge up today? Don't write it down. Don't draw a picture of it. Don't make out a things to do list. Don't go shopping for prices. Just make stuff right from your hand to the haunt. Just like Hewlett Packard was once the industrial computer company of an era and they had a rule of what ever was fastest and actualy got results. Don't send an email or thought out memo when a pencil and scrap section of paper will suffice or walking a couple hundred feet and talking to someone or grabbing some junk to get something done.

05-28-2012, 02:27 AM
Why is it that every time someone votes on the poll, it shows up like a new post? So annoying!

I've checked back here three times in the last week thinking that Greg had posted something new. I always stop what I'm doing and tune in to see what he says.



05-28-2012, 10:55 AM

I do it all the time too lol