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05-23-2012, 07:47 AM
The Midwest Haunters Convention in Columbus, Ohio is the last big event before the Halloween season. Do you have your costume ready? Listed below are updates and highlights for the show:

- We filled the first three buses on the pre-convention bus tour to Michigan. Two days, 10 haunts and a bus load of fun. We’re into our fourth bus now. Less than 40 seats are available. We’re excited to announce Bob and Beth Turner will be bus monitors for bus #4. Can you spell PARTAY BUSS.

- We were able to add more shuttle buses to the sold out Friday night bus tour (only $25) which includes a Welcome Reception (snacks & beverages) at the Costume Vault with a special performance by Trio of Fire, followed by a tour of the Scare-A-Torium. Two haunts with a total of 55 scenes and 70 actors. We just added 100 more bus tickets for a tour of this fantastic haunted attraction.

- Friday night after the haunt tour we’ll return to the Hyatt for a Scary-Oke show hosted by The Voice from Hell, Dick Terhune. Sign up with our DJ when you arrive for a chance to perform on stage and entertain our guests. Costumes are encouraged for performers, but not required. Last year we were impressed with the level of talent our performers provided. It was later I found out several of them were lead singers in bands.

- During our Saturday night Masquerade Party, the Body Art Fashion Show is going to be the biggest yet with 13 artists from around the world, body painting their models with a Halloween/Horror theme. This year the lights will be up during the fashion show as we return to FX and body paints. Artists from Face Off will be joining our fantastic teams of body painters.

- Be sure to stay in character when you enter the party foyer area as our judges will be watching for the ten scariest characters arriving at the party. They’ll hand out invitations to those deemed most worthy of this annual contest on stage.

- The trade show floor is sold out with over 100+ exhibitors in our 60,000 sq ft hall at the Columbus Convention Center. Exhibitors will be prepared for cash and carry sales with special show discounts. Here’s your chance to load up with props, animatronics, costumes, masks, makeup and Halloween supplies for your haunt season.

- We still have spots remaining in our Friday workshops; don’t miss out on your chance to further your education with makeup or acting techniques for you or your staff. Are you thinking about getting into the haunted attraction business, check out our all day class with our team of business professionals. Find out what’s required to build and operate a haunted attraction and you could save thousands of dollars in costly mistakes.

The MHC is produced by a team of four haunters with support of over 50 friends and ambassadors. This will be our ninth year for the show. Thank you for taking the time to find out about our convention and we hope you’ll join us for our biggest show yet!

Go to www.MidwestShow.com for more info.

Kelly Collins
The Midwest Haunters Convention

05-23-2012, 06:51 PM
Getting thangs together now. Cant wait for our first trip to midwest. Horror Fields will be there in full effect !!!!!!!!! MHL much haunter love

05-24-2012, 08:50 AM
We’ve filled our overflow discounted room blocks at the Red Roof, Courtyard and Residence Inn. We still have very nice rooms at the Sheraton Capital Square downtown ($125 per night), about 12 blocks from the convention center. They are offering free shuttle service to/from during limited hours. Cab fare would be minimal too. For hotel reservations call 614-365-4500.

Since the downtown discounted rooms are almost full; we also set up a room block at the Ramada Inn about 15-20 minutes away. Rooms are only $79 per night and they are offering a free shuttle (when available) to/from the convention center. If you are going on the pre-bus tour and you check in on Tuesday and are staying through Sunday, they will comp your room on Wednesday (since you won’t be staying in it) so you don’t have to check out and back in; when you return Thursday night from the bus tour. For reservations call 614-846-0300.

You can also keep trying the Hyatt Regency (our host hotel is $114 per night). They get cancellations now and then and will usually replace them if you call 614-463-1234.

Just trying to assist those looking for a discount on hotel space,

Kelly Collins
The Midwest Haunters Convention

Allen H
05-25-2012, 12:23 AM
I am pretty pumped, House of Boo and Stiltbeast Studios will be unveiling some new things that are pretty awesome If I say so myself. Make sure you check us out.
Allen H

05-25-2012, 04:02 AM
I am pretty pumped, House of Boo and Stiltbeast Studios will be unveiling some new things that are pretty awesome If I say so myself. Make sure you check us out.
Allen H

"House of Boo"? Do tell!


05-25-2012, 05:26 AM
The Big Scary Show will be covering MHC from the moment the buses leave for the pre-show tour until the lights go out on Sunday night. Please be on the lookout for one of the four (g)hosts (as this is the only time of the year we are all in the same place) and say "Hi". We will be looking for shout-outs and interviews galore. If you have news that you want us to cover, please let us know...