View Full Version : Representin' HW at the Pittsburgh Comicon...

05-04-2007, 07:21 PM
Hello all!

Just wanted to see if anyone attended last weeks Pittsburgh Comicon?
I was there (been to the last 10) with my 'comic geek' buddy...okay, we read comics but aren't the geeky type (but they are there-picture the Simpsons comic book guy)...anyways, a friend and old college buddy always gets a booth as he is an independent artist that does his own book...YETS! He used to do Chuck The Ugly American...but I'm off track!
It's a 3 day convention and I was wearing my Hauntworld T-Shirt and promoting the site/haunted houses in general when I could. Lots of celebs there...Dawn of the Dead cast members (the Monroeville Mall is right across the street-site of the movie shoot for the original)...Kane Hodder (Jason Vorhees)...heck I got to meet Marc Singer (V and Beastmaster)...Good times indeed. Tom Savini is usually there, but this year he sent some students from his make up school!
I got a pic or two of me in my shirt at my friends booth.
I'll have to post sometime...when I get it uploaded!
Anyone else attend???

Kirk :twisted: