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Nightmare Grant
05-04-2007, 09:32 PM
I know, I know... I already posted this topic in the Professional Chat Room but only got a couple of responses (Thanks guys, I do appreciate it). So here it is again if someone could give me more specific information.

I looked at the website for Kansas City Beast www.kcbeast.com, and this is what I'm reffering to on their "Live Video" section. What did they do to make their cameras/lighting show up so well.

The reason for all of the questions is I hope to find a good affordable solution to filming people's reactions of BEING SCARED caught on tape, and then upload the videos to our website and maybe even show the footage in the que line.

Any additional information would be greatly appreciated.

For all those Haunters out there that actually film people being scared inside your dimly lit haunt:

1. What type of camera do you use to see in the dimly lit areas?
2. Are there any special lenses?
3. Any special type of sensors to set the camera offor do you just leave it running the whole time and edit later?
4. Any special film to capture? Or do you use regular digital?

05-05-2007, 08:45 AM
I know many haunts use something like this:


It can film in complete blackness for up to 16 ft. Ands its wireless too, so you can send your footage to a TV in the queue line if you like.