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06-07-2012, 06:54 PM
I am having some crazy problems and just thought I would share my pain. First the people that house my haunt in there trailers have been giving me guff for a week. I bought my haunt off of someone else and they said the delivery fee was not included in the storage price. I have paperwork proving it is but told them I would pay anyways because I need them NOW. They told me they were scared I was going to stiff them for the fee when they showed up so we been fighting for a week and there expose to bring them tomorrow[fingers crossed]. The owner of the building that I am in this season built the building and is in pretty good with the city and told me getting my permits after I put in my blueprints would take one day maybe two[DUMB DUMB MOVE]. The city [which is really small] told me that they no longer have a fire marshall and even though the BI had no problems with the lay out said he has to send them over to denver city and they could take anywhere form seven to fourteen days #&!*. To top it off there in englewood which governs there city but for some lame reason they have to send it to denver even though englewood has a FM and he is ALOT closer and could easily handle it. Also denver has a rule that you have to hire one of there fire fighters for fire watch and that costs 40 dollars an hour #&!* number two. I had a place in denver but opted not to hold it there because of this rule[ it will cost 320 a night on week days and at least 1300 on the weekends]. I am feeling like going m.myers on them but hey what can you do. I hope I dont have to hire the fire watch but it does not look good. I will finish and will open and not even the devil himself is going to stop me. THANX for reading

Dark Scares
06-08-2012, 12:17 AM
Welcome to the wonderful world of haunt ownership. :)

06-08-2012, 12:38 AM
And while you are going thru all this crap, home-haunters all over the US and probably the UK are going, "Hey, I should open a pro-haunt. I mean, how hard can it be? I'll draw up a business plan and everything. That and $10K worth of props and I should be good to go!"

Keep the Faith, Brother.


06-08-2012, 09:23 AM
Thanx for your feedback. I knew this was not easy but did not see the hole fire marshall thing coming. For all the people trying to get in this industry you better bring your A game and do not be under funded or staffed because you WILL fail. P.S. also start submitting blue prints to get started two months before build because you never know.

Mike Goff
06-08-2012, 09:52 AM
Welcome to the wonderful world of haunt ownership. :)

Actually it would probably be more accurate to say, welcome to the wonderful world of small business. I will remember you in my prayers, and I can certainly understand your situation. Been there, done that. I think that it helps if the people you are dealing with appreciate your resolve. I think that once they realize that you are not going to go away (which is what I think they really want) I believe that they will try to get through the process as quickly as possible. Don't be too hard on yourself about trusting the building owner and his good ole boy network. The fact is, building officials are not fond of giving you concrete answers. There is no way that you could have avoided the beaurocracy, it's just something that you have to do. On the bright side, once this is behind you, things will get easier. Never stop swinging!

06-10-2012, 10:00 AM
we worked 7 years to move dead acres inside...
our tap fee was 39 grand...and if we had to buy it today it would be 450 grand for a 6 in tap..
we had to bore under route 16 to bring water over to our side...
and had our permit approved 2 years before the dig..
and the day of the dig we were shut down because they decided that what they approved 2 years prior no longer applied...
and they wanted a case bore...which meant it cost 100 grand more....

i have over 30 grand in getting our sign grandfathered...
every night we have open air entertainment our city charges 2 grand for an open air permit...

i could go on and on...
now we generously donate to every cause that comes along in our city....we donate huge amounts to the fire dept..and buy turkeys and Christmas toys and trees...and mental health dept...etc etc
we are hands down the largest event in the city....and have held city council meetings at our venue...

if you want to open a controversial entertainment venue u must learn to jump through hoops with a smile....:D:D:D.....and be prepared to throw some money around too