View Full Version : Haunt Enthusiast looking for an internship or apprenticeship in South/Central Florida

06-14-2012, 11:29 AM
My name's Will Kroner, and I've been a haunt lover for a long time now, and I'm trying to make my way into the industry. I'm hoping to learn more about the design and business side of things. I guess I'm really just looking for an entry point into the haunt industry. I'm an artist, mostly specializing in character concept and design. I graduated from Full Sail University with a Film degree, and I'm pretty good with make-up. I think I have a lot to offer the haunt industry, if given a chance. Also would be interested in any up-and-coming haunts, or anyone who might be looking to start one! Please send me a PM if you'd like to know more.

07-07-2012, 12:36 PM
Hello there!! I was wondering how far away you live from Doral, FL because I know there is an amusement park there that has a spooky theme for Halloween. There is no shame in working for a top notch amusement park and even I have done so myself. I worked at KennyWood in Pennsylvania and learned a lot from them and I have to say I thought I knew it all.. I didn't know crap till I worked at KennyWood Scream Park. Advertisement, costume repairs, more about advertisement and sales balancing, scedualing and actor replacements, and then the biggest I learned is how to put up with adult drama. You think high school students are bad.. grown adults fighting over women or stupid crap.

The differences of working a small time haunt and a major attraction are completely different and you will be prepared for almost any thing when you leave.