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06-15-2012, 09:37 AM
Who has started their haunts? I am sure everyone is in the swing of it Building, remodeling! Fill us in what haunt, what you doing, anything you wanna share? Post it here!!! Shane and it's lets hear from you! Shane

06-16-2012, 08:22 PM
We have been working on a lot of new effects and gags for this year. Little stuff to incorporate throughout the haunt, and add just a little more "gotcha." We scored an awesome vintage mourning dress with bonnet from the 1800s, at auction from an estate of a former movie set dresser. Its pretty cool. We are also adding an outdoor attraction, using a "tram" to pull our guests through our "Camp Nightmare." Its a real campground, and we will have real campers along the way (we are advertising now for "Zombie Camping"). Should be a great time for those that participate. Of course Camp Nightmare will also have a controlled section ran by us - pros only in this part of the scare.

The Plague is getting new walls, so lots of work going on there in a few weeks. We are adding a really cool 1952 porcelain embalming table we just scored. Heavy son of a gun but it looks totally awesome, and will be a great add to our morgue. Adding an old Gurney in there as well (part of the same acquisition with the table). I am in telecommunications for my day job, so I am adding an old antique telephone to one of the rooms, except this one will ring on queue, and when they pick it up, play an audio track (still working on the track script). The phone is one of those old cast iron phones from the WWII era, so it will be really durable.

We are also adding more video stuff this year so I have been busy learning about ripping DVDs so I can get my videos onto Digital Video Repeaters. That has been a real education!