View Full Version : Big Scary Show Episoide VI: More MHC than you can handle

06-23-2012, 11:52 AM
This will be the first of perhaps 2-3 more MHC shows. The Big Scary Show guarantees we cover the convention like NO other...

Get your MHC fix now. The new show is live!

Deadline News Special Edition: Midwest Haunter's Convention 2012

We have filed away all the brochures, washed off the body paint, and paid up the bar tab from the crew traveling out to Columbus for the Midwest Haunter's Convention. Now get ready as Creepy Collection www.creepycollection.com is bringing you a Deadline News Special Edition packed with big coverage right from the show floor. The Roundtable of Terror brings together three of the biggest names in music for the haunted attraction industry. Ed Douglas, Virgil Franklin, and Jerry Vayne share how they make the music that brings haunts to life. The Unknown Scare Actor brings you a MHC inspired Face Your Fears, and Storm rants about heads on spikes in the Haunt Minute. Badger brings you the latest Deadline News with a special announcement on MHC 2013, and Jerry is inspired by the roundtable for the music selection this week. You also never know who will pop in with antics from the pre-show bus tour and the convention weekend. Brace yourself because Creepy Collection is allowing this special edition to show you where we hid the body at Midwest Haunterís Convention 2012.

Featured music:

Born of the Night by Midnight Syndicate
Last Days by Virgil Franklin
Shadows (Haunt Rocker Remix) by Midnight Syndicate with Jerry Vayne

ONLY on the Big Scary Show!!