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07-03-2012, 11:28 AM
i just got the monster maker mask kit. can i use that latex to make prosthetic's. Can i buy a tube of silicone from lowes and use that? what works best?

Allen H
07-03-2012, 09:55 PM
"can i use that latex to make prosthetic's."
YEs, bad ones. Latex really is not all that flexible. prosthetics made from latex are not as mobile or believable looking. more like parts of a latex mask glued to someones face. the blending edges are normally also very thick, which makes them harder to apply seamlessly.
To make good prosthetics you should use foam latex or platinum silicone.

"Can i buy a tube of silicone from lowes and use that? what works best?"
No. silicone caulk is a tin based silicone. Tin based silicones are not passed by the FDA for contact with human skin. Tin cure silicone air dries also because of that if you seal it in a mold it will not cure. For costuming and gloves you can use it but have a fabric barrier between your skin and the silicone. also make the piece a week or so before you want to wear it, some of the chemicals in it will leach out and evaporate in that time and it will be much less reactive.
What works best for prosthetics is platinum based silicone. I perfer Gel-10 00 from Bitymoldsupply.com you need an adhesive meant for silicone which is expensive but a little of that goes a long way. I like it because it has great movement and because I dont need to bake it for it to cure. It also cures very fast so it demolds quickly.
Foam latex is a bit fiddly in the mixing and it needs to be baked in order to cure. The oven you use to bake it can never be used for food again as it releases cyanide gas as it cures. I love the light stretchy result of foam latex, but making it is hard- it is half art and half science.
The platinum silicone is a 50/50 A/B mix and gives movement that is as good or better than foam...in my opinion. If you want to ask some questions and get some more detailed answers then feel free to give me a call thursday or so (tomorrow Im off...way off).
Allen H