View Full Version : Don't forget about security camera's!

Twisted Dementia
05-07-2007, 05:26 PM
Here is some food for thought. A $50-!100 camera won't seem so bad when someone has just vandalized or even stolen your new irraplacable prop that just took you week's and good money to make. I know it sucks to have to deal with these frigging moron's who don't appreciate the entertainment we are providing to all, but not being prepared for them would be our fault because we know they are out there.

How many of you have been a victim of these type of crimes and actually caught the person(s)? I also live on a corner by a high school and just 2 week's ago some stupid teens were driving up and down every street playing tail light baseball on all the cars, long story short, I caught up to them in my truck, called the cop's on my cell, and 3 dummies know have felonies on their record! Now I don't suggest you run out after every little criminal, and defiantly don't suggest you go vigilante, I'm just saying camera can make you aware of what happing in the shadow's and having it on tape leaves no argument for denial. BE VERY CAREFUL OF YOUR ACTIONS! Think before you act and BE VERY CAREFUL OF YOUR ACTIONS or you could end up the criminal.

To date, over a 4 year period of having cams on my house, I've caught 6 vandals and 3 for the neighbors, they love me, it's a good feeling to know the punk's who destroyed something of your's got busted by the police thank's to you.

I don't won't to for get to mention, audio. For around $10 plus some wire I found that audio is priceless! You can determine if it was the neighborhood dummy is in your back yard because they to stupid to realize sound travels and a microphone takes the strain of the ear from trying to listen from the back door and again if its on tape or DVR there's no argument.

05-08-2007, 02:21 PM
At night I use the Pumpkin/Bullet security system. Pumpkin is a shepered mix and Bullet is a chow mix. So climbing the fance and getting into my trail after closing is easy (they don't bark) getting out ... not so much. Let the horror begin. It's also a good way to get corpses.lol. Your right a camera is good thing to have.

Frighteners Entertainment
05-24-2007, 03:50 PM
The best defense is detouring your vandals.

Motion activated lighting is the least expensive way to go.