View Full Version : The Weather's Influence.

Jim Warfield
07-08-2012, 08:33 AM
We have had a heat wave in N.W. Illinois that just saw some cooler temps and rain yesterday, finally! Ravens Grin Inn is open every night of the year and I have discovered that no matter what the weather is that after the weather remains the same, be it pleasant or insufferable, that after 3 to 4 days people tend to compensate, get used to it, accept it, and come back, come out in it to see my house and show. (Which is sometimes even after all of these years a surprise to me!)

Did anyone else happen to read a news story recently that claimed the 20 to 32 yrs. olds are now non-car drivers, and 20% of them don't even have a driver's license?
This sure sounds like quite a negative thing for Haunts.
Younger people do not willingly ride busses, last I knew. That is where Grandma's are on sight seeing cruises........

Greg Chrise
07-08-2012, 10:38 AM
20% sounds like the number that have gotten out of jail for drugs or DWI and never renewed their drivers license after incarsaration. Due to thousands they owe the man they will never be paying. It doesn't mean they aren't driving I just means they are not registered to drive. If caught you get a $200 fine versus having to pay the $15,000 you owe from some offense or back child support or in taxes. It also seems the new way for younger people to pay that $200 fine is once they get about 5 of those, they take a 10 day vacation in jail to pay that off. Not sure with the logic of where the money comes from, seems to me that costs money instead of makes money?

As a result, 20% of helpers are occasionally not available and might have trouble getting to work and need gas money as soon as they get here for who ever brought them. Or at the other end of the scale I sat down for lunch in the middle of an open truck driver conversation that went from sports to how none of them can deliver a load in canada because any legal report what so ever, you can't go across the border and they all had some felony or misdemeanor and explained all the lesser troubles, even 40 years ago is on a file somewhere. So all your goods are being delivered and a really high percentage of the population on the hiqhway is not right.

So the real world is kinda scary.