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07-25-2012, 12:02 AM
Hey there guys and gals!

Stay Weird Clothing Co. is a wacky, odd, upcoming company which I founded on May 1st of 2012 within my hometown of Highland, IN. With a passion for art and all things unusual, I hope to create fresh, strange designs for freaks and geeks alike.

I'm 19, starting college at Columbia College Chicago this fall as an illustration major, and started this as a way to earn a little extra money for school. The idea came to me one night, I completed a handful of designs, created a Facebook page, and by the time the sun came up it was completed! I'm extremely happy with the response it has gotten and can't see myself quitting anytime soon. If you would all take a second to check out the Facebook page and give it a like I would greatly appreciate it!

Thanks for your time and Stay Weird my friends!

"Be Weird. Be True. Be You." -Stay Weird Clothing Co.


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08-08-2012, 09:15 PM
Here it is folks….the very first of many Stay Weird Clothing Co.promotional videos shot by good friend Evan Frystak and myself of Flash Forward Films. Share it on your Facebook wall, show your friends, and stay tuned for more videos on the way!

“Be Weird. Be True. Be You.” – Stay Weird Clothing Co.




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