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07-29-2012, 10:42 AM
Ok, So I was going to build some wall panels with 3 verts @ 96". I went to Lowe's the other day and chose the 8' 2x4's.

However, there's a problem, they must have had them tagged wrong because when I got outside just a bit ago, they're precut studs!

IS there anything I can do with these or do I need to try and get them swapped out? The boards are 3/8" shorter than I need to make a full wall, should I go ahead and try to build with them and see how it goes or what?

Please help, I'm at a standstill and if I need to go to Lowe's, I need to do it asap.


Ohh, and yes, I was sure I read the tag, unless they moved them, or someone put the wrong tag on by accident or something. I know I could've measured them, but as many times as I've gone with the boss or my dad, we've never measured, just gone by the tags.


*Edit* FINALLY got a hold of someone at Lowe's. They said we can swap them out no problem. Does anyone see a need for this or should I just let the osb overhang at the top? I plan on running 2x4's along the top to help hold them together anyways, sooo. yeah.


07-29-2012, 11:11 AM
FINALLY got a hold of someone at Lowe's. They said we can swap them out no problem. Does anyone see a need for this or should I just let the osb overhang at the top? I plan on running 2x4's along the top to help hold them together anyways, sooo. yeah.

Just get enough for one or two wall panels and test it out before committing to getting anymore.

Remember, "measure twice, cut once" . . . only, in our line of work, it should be "measure thrice, cut once". As JB used to say, "cut lumber does not grow back."


07-29-2012, 12:24 PM
.. yeah. The thing that pisses me off is, I only get 1 4' cross boards out of each lumber :(

Since it's for the end walls only, I think I'll be fine. I just hate that I can't get 2 crossboards out of 1 stick.

But, I figure I can use the shorter boards for something. Scrap is nice, sometimes.


Greg Chrise
07-29-2012, 01:26 PM
You can get 2 45 inch sticks for the two lower cross pieces and one 48 for the top and end up with one odd peice left over only accasionally. For the height, the choise if to leave this sticking up part, refered to as a rat run to hide cables and electrical cords. Fastening any over head braces needs some spacers applied first but not having things above the wall line actually looks professional and doesn't have anyone wondering what is up here, is that safe? Out of site, out of mind.

It isn't really a mistake, just different. Construction sites have a similar problem and I think I did a whole 1000 SF of cross pieces from reclaimed treated lumber that cost only the time to haul everything and cut it to the proper size. I have two pieces that are my standards for the cross pieces so there is no measuring at all. Just lay and mark. Those very same reference boards never get used for anything but that. Measure twice cut thousands of times.

Greg Chrise
07-29-2012, 01:31 PM
Another function of having sheeting sticking up higher on the top is the same way the other thread is talking about interlocking, you can put panels to go higher and have something to keep it aligned. Some places it is good to go another 2 feet higher or 4 feet higher and this lets you stick another panel in the rat run.

07-29-2012, 01:55 PM
Sorry to hear about your stud shortage. Lowes will exchange just about anything if you have the receipt. Depending on how many of these you bought you might just want to savethem for another project. Or jus use them and add an extra board atthe top or bottom of your panel to make up for the short length. Just cut the board so that the end results are still 96" overall.

I tell everyone I ever build with, Measure Twice and Cut ONCE. And I always take a tape in the store when buying lumber.

Creepy Works
07-29-2012, 03:37 PM
You could always buzz 3/8" off the end of your OSB. Might not be very settling but it would be flush on top.

07-29-2012, 04:18 PM
Thanks for the response guys.

What I did w... well, let me say I found a handful of 8'ers I had laying on top of some foam and under it (had a storm come through so we used the 8'ers to hold the 1/2 foam down) So I used them for the 4' cross boards for top and bottom.


Ok. Dad was saying to help me with the gable end, he said he'd like the wall under the 3.5" square tubing from the building. What I decided to do was put it just like the photo, use a few 2x4x12' to tie them together at the top. THEN put a 2x6x12' on top of that, overhanging so dad can tie in the gable end. The wall, I think would be stronger tying into the sides this way. Otherwise, I'd have to cut that odd angle off the first and last panels to accommodate putting the wall even with them.

SO! The overhang of the osb will help me keep that in line anyways, and shouldn't hurt anything. It also SHOULDN"T be visable to the naked eye from the outside. This will most likely be a dark maze anyways, this is building #3, the last one and we're running short on budget after the robbery and all.