View Full Version : Aluminum Wall Frames w/ Skins 4 Sale

05-11-2007, 10:44 AM
Hey Everyone,

I have about 150 Aluminum Wall Frames w/ Fire Retardent Treated Melomite Skins for sale. These were custom manufactured for the Universal Studios Chamber of Chills Haunts.

They're 2x4 hollow channel posts, welded together with a wire & pneumatic line raceway on the top and floor levelers on the bottom. They're have pre-tapped drilled holes for the skins. I have all the Bolts & Screws etc for assembly.

Universal paid $300 ea (supposedly) when they had them first manufactured. They will go for $24.00 ea at the Salvage Yard just for the aluminum. I've been offered $30 ea from a haunter (no payment as of yet).

So I'm making one final offer for sale. Anyone who is interested in buying (with cash) please email me at hallowscreamer@yahoo.com. I finally have some decent pictures of them. I need to move these ASAP, to a haunter or the Salvage Yard.

If you're interested in shipping expenses, they weigh roughly 43 lbs each and are located at 21157 Zip Code.



Jim Warfield
05-11-2007, 06:35 PM
"$300.oo each", sounds like "Hollywood bookkeeping" where a wooden prop crate infront of the camera costs $500.oo (rental)
I could make them and sell them the same crate for only $499.oo!
Operators are standing by!
If you call within the next ten minutes we will add you to our sucker-call list!