View Full Version : Huge 8 Foot Tall Ogre Costume

08-27-2012, 11:15 AM
I have a custom one-of-a-kind 8 foot tall ogre costume for sale. Was built for a small movie production that needed a large ogre. The costume was built with aluminum framing, wrapped and given a latex skin. The eyes light up green and will blink each with independent triggers. The mouth and lower jaw moves independently with a douglas fir talking christmas tree motor and Aux input. The sections include feet/lower legs on custom stilts built on snowboard boots (size 11) with articulated toes that move when you walk, a chest/torso section, head piece (built on a large football helmet), and two arms articulated at the elbows with pull cords to open and close the fingers.

Selling for $600.00 My cost of materials alone was $400 and he took over 160 hours to build. I have no room to store him in my garage any longer. He needs a good home! Would be great for a haunted house. He's huge with an actor inside. No one would believe he's real. He stands an even 8 feet tall with 5'10" actor inside.

If you search "Trogre" (Troll / Ogre) on YouTube you can see 6 videos of the build process during full daylight. At night or partial darkness he looks scary as hell.

Call me with questions. Must arrange pickup from Austin, Texas. 512-699-1292 Norm