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Mistress DeSade
09-06-2012, 05:49 PM
I ran across this news thread today and wondered what the Kentucky haunters thought about it. They mention masks specifically, but with face painting, latex appliances, etc this would seem to have significant impact on halloween and haunts in particular.


HUSTONVILLE — Hustonville City Council has passed first readings of five ordinances aimed at curtailing certain behaviors within city limits, but the city has refused to release the text of the ordinances to the public.
The ordinances were read aloud by Mayor Marc Spivey at the city’s Aug. 7 regularly scheduled meeting. Ordinances 54 and 55 would impose fines for jaywalking and parking illegally, respectively.
Ordinance 56 would make “shielding of a person’s face to where the person cannot be recognized or identified” illegal within city limits unless the outside temperature is cold enough that face protection is needed. There is also an exception for children 15 and under to wear costumes during trick or treat, Spivey said.
“I don’t think adults need to be walking in our city with masks on,” he said. “Something could happen and we could not make a positive identification in the commission of a crime.”
Ordinance 57, which Spivey said concerned “crowd control,” would ban “formation of any type of line and/or congregating on the sidewalks, streets or any other public property.”
“I don’t feel that they need to have this type (of thing) going on,” Spivey said.
Hustonville not releasing details of ordinances to public [continued]


Greg Chrise
09-06-2012, 06:25 PM
The picture of the people on the city council look like some exciting people. When can we hang out?

Hustonville actually has or had a haunted house and many of the owners and participants were police officers. Generally you don't want people coming in costume to a haunt that could blend in with actors and possibly do weird things. Still not sure this limits anything happening with a particular city in a specific location as it isn't public property.

It might limit home haunts having a line on the sidewalk, still I think they are worried about something else like Occupy something. I doubt anyone wants to Occupy Hustonville. Sounds like a good place to be from. Maybe 3 people have recently purchased Guy Fawkes masks and they are worried.

They can pass all the ordinance they want but who is going to enforce it. If there is reasonable conduct, it is overlooked or a warning is given. If they are hanging out and occupying sure there is a $50 fine. If they are dressed in kevlar battle suits and carrying 100 round clip carbines, and jay walking, you might get a ticket. Or you robbed a bank with CFX silicone masks on, you might get asked where you are going.

The other little issue about not telling the public such a law exists or was ever really written on paper proves these are some wild and crazy law making people. It will be a few years before they have an unwritten law about Jeepers Creepers trucks and kidnaping people, or building Aligators trucks, dump trucks running the highways at night with steel plates and no lights in the dark just smashing anything on the road. For now I think they are living on the edge.

Greg Chrise
09-06-2012, 06:42 PM
Batman always seemed to have problems with the police because of the secret identity thing and then compounded his outings with a heavy illegal car but, always got away. All the cops trashed their expensive cars trying to catch up with him to write a $50 ticket.

And in the real world, some guy dressed up as some kind of super hero and tried to tell people what not to do and everyone ganged up on him and kicked his ass, then the cops took him away. He didn't have the fast car.

I think laws like that have always been around. Now that one city in Kentucky is gettin with it. Batman just scratched them off his list of places to hang out.

Mistress DeSade
09-06-2012, 09:41 PM
Greg, you crack me up :) Yes, they seriously look like they need a stiff drink~

I guess I'm taking this as much a "loss of liberty" issue as anything. Brick by brick we lose (what used to be) our constitutionally guaranteed freedoms. They're *afraid* that someone in makeup, or a mask may do something "bad". How long before they're *afraid* that haunted houses lead to "acts of violence" so they ban those?? Or that people with tats are potential criminals and so they regulate those? Can imagine the scenarios....

You can't legislate morality. You shouldn't legislate what you "anticipate" may be a crime. This isn't "Minority Report".

Allen H
09-06-2012, 11:36 PM
Im sure that there will be a work exception- like welding for instance.