View Full Version : We wish you a Gory Season

Gore Galore
09-24-2012, 06:44 AM

From the staff here at Gore Galore.
We wish ALL our clients, friends, and everyone haunting a wonderful, spooky and very profitable season.
We are down to only a few small orders.
ALL Transworld orders were filled.
except 1. Sorry Dewayne "Frightener".
And we cut it close on a few deadlines.
But we kept communication high.
I am sure a few things slipped through the cracks.
But it makes me very proud when we have tons of customers tell us. "You have the best customer service in the industry, and some of the most innovative products the industry has to offer".
I must admit. This year stressed me because of the volume of work we did. But everytime I was getting stressed this is the feedback we got.
AND I have the best crew anyone could build. Yes, I hand picked every one.

It makes me proud to be apart of this industry.
We are here to serve.
SO good luck and if you need us just give us a call, drop us an email or hit me up on facebook. ALL will get a quick response.
HAPPY HAUNTING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!