View Full Version : Big News!

10-04-2012, 09:07 AM
This year, I am working at my local corn maze, as an actor, my first real job in the haunting industry other than doing my home haunt back in 04-07... very excited about it, starting tomorrow. Decent pay to do what I love. Nothing better than that!

But yesterday we went in to talk to an SBA loan officer about getting a loan to start our own professional haunt for next year. He loved the plan and really wants to be on board! We have to call the city of shreveport and make sure they will support a haunt in our chosen location, and we also have to have insurance quotes and make sure the space has enough parking, after we do all that, he's in! So excited... I don't think I've ever been this close to having my dream come true!:D

Wish me luck, and I hope all of you have a great season!

10-04-2012, 01:23 PM
Way to go man!!! You are on your way!