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10-07-2012, 08:32 AM
We added Distortions "Shock Therapy" this year as well as a Dark Raven slithering snake (proper name not sure????). Shock Therapy is Frankenstein hanging upside down being electricuted...then runs off at customers. First night it was only fair. Put another actor in it and changed the shoes by taking a fillet knife and CAREFULLY cutting the slipper they foamed inside of the Boot (Franks hand) so actor wears his own shoe....but foam fist completely covers his own shoes....AND BAM. He is rocking that thing!!!!!! If you try the shoe alteration ONLY cut up from the bottom. Start in middle of boot and feel for the hard shoe sole inside. CAREFULLY make cut as close to slipper/shoe imbedded inside of foam and take your time carving show away. Work back towards the heel FIRST. After you have some of the slipper exposed alernate your fingers and knife working the shoe away from back of boot. When you work around te toes of the slipper reach in and use fingers to separate foam from top of toes of the slipper DO NOT JUST RIP IT OUT!!!! Use patience and someone you trust with SHARP fillet knife knife who has patience. Box cutter or short knife will probably cause problems for you. We left as much of the foam flap UNDER the toe area as we could. Part of reaching in and using fingers to separate foam from top of slipper toe area...reaching around the toe area and under the slippers toe area. Frank can now run on his hands and do the 100 yard hurdles at Olympics. PEOPLE LOVE HIM!! And he now concentrates on going after the guys in the group. They scream like little girls! ACTOR change makes a BIG diffeence! The alteration we did just lets him feel more in control of his costume and stopping abiity instead of worrying about plowing into people. HE DUDE MOVES!!!!

Our Ghost Bust went from "startle" role to mood setting this year. It is at front where rules are given looping through the scarecrow routine just 15 feet away from live person rule giver. They love the mood it sets with the sinister scarecrow sitting on a straw bale pile with a pitch fork in his hands. "These crops were sown in blood..." The snake...we hear "They have a snake that looked real" See this right after a hallway flyer comes over their head. By now they realise this is no ordinary corn field but a major production. Now that the mood is set and they are already liking the visuals.....the mood changes suddenly with in your face actors with sparking knives chainsaws, cattle prods, boom sticks and more.

Ghost Bust, Shock Therapy, and Snake...thats the PROPS we here them tell their cowardly friends who only did the corn maze not the haunted trail about. Of course there is plenty of talk of this actor or that actor...but you can't buy them at Transworld.

Wicked Farmer

10-07-2012, 08:49 AM
We have a 3 head dropper from Poision props hanging where they see it before they enter a shack. Jigsaw is sitting in plain view in an electric chair as they approach the shack. Just before they get to the door way he drops the heads down in front of them... not on tp of them. They see the heads hanging but are so fixated on jigsaw they never suspect they will drop in front of them. Works great. One shack has poisons' Drop portrait with lunging zombie head. Of course that moves them away from tht wall...that thing is just sick after all flailing his head about ad screaming. Of course that moves them closer to othe wall where a drop panel and live actor/screamer is waitig to nail the peope at the back of the group. ront gets zombie drop..cowards in back get real actor from opposite side. Classic decoy them into thinking the surprise is sprung and momentarily let their guard down a little then hit them with live person.

Wicked Farmer

10-07-2012, 07:16 PM
Unfortuantely, this weekend we only got talk about how much rain we got. Memphis area rain was awful. Started right at opening time both nights. Friday night I was in ankle deep water within 30 min of the rain starting.