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Jim Warfield
09-10-2006, 11:57 PM
A week ago we were so busy as to be crippling busy upon our physical bodies here, this weekend almost nil. Nothing at all today and tonight, Sunday.
Yesterday I was standing in the downtown courtyard here (a block from my house) talking with a classmate of mine about business trends and expectations and he shocked me by saying:"Well, Jim, you really aren't in a business that can make you alot of money."
A day later my brain kicked in and I realised that he might be the only person in this town that doesn't think that I am making millions of dollars doing what I do here!
They sit in the tavern and look out the window on a busy October night, take off shoes and socks to count how many? and project a massive annual income figure for me, that if it was this way, I would have died from over work many years ago! (but I might then have been "The Richest Guy In The Graveyard"!
The weather here has been "rain' and it might be my imagination, but are leaves beginning to fall from the trees already?
It might be a cruel fall weather-wise, which doesnot help my business either. "Weather", everybody talks about it but nobody ever does anything about it!

09-11-2006, 09:52 AM
Leaves are already changing and falling here, too. And it's been really cold and extremely rainy. It's not boding well for what October will be like...and since we're set up in a tent...well, we're a little nervous to see what's in store.