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10-11-2012, 12:23 PM
I had the opportunity to tour the GoreTorium in Las Vegas on Monday, Oct 8 with renowned body painter Pashur; he was in town teaching a body painting seminar so we met to check out this new attraction on the strip. The haunted attraction was very impressive. The detail of the scenes is some of the best I’ve toured. Josh Monroe is the show director and Matt Seel is the chief makeup director. You can definitely see their impact on this first class haunt. Both men have many years of experience and their knowledge is spread throughout the haunt.

They’re utilizing first class props and scares along with a fantastic team of actors. I don’t want to give away too many scenes, but my favorites were the laundry room (really dark and creepy) and the dining room where nearly a dozen zombies are devouring piles of corpses and body parts on the buffet. One poor female victim is screaming in pain while being devoured alive from the waist up. Very intense!

We missed so much detail the first time through, we had to go through a second time just to see what we missed. They’re still tweaking the lighting so guests will see more of the impressive décor. Go slow and look all around (including up and down) so as not to miss all the little attention to detail.

Be sure to check out the museum on the 1st floor. Some very impressive antique props and photos. Also the Bloody Mary half body character above the bar is an excellent actor/prop and very entertaining.

Many thanks to Josh and Matt for providing us with a behind the scenes tour and the opportunity to hang out in the makeup room with the team. A great group of very talented guys who’ve finally reached the top; I wish them many years of success in their new venture!

Kelly Collins
The ScareAtorium
The Midwest Haunters Convention