View Full Version : VIP vs. General Admission Line Management

10-18-2012, 09:29 PM
So as a haunt lover every season i look forward to going to different haunted houses within my general area and just enjoying myself. I have always found it interesting how different haunts manage their line flow with VIP and general Admission and I must say at a haunt I visited last weekend I was very disappointed. You had to pay an additional fee for VIP as I'm sure all of you know already but here's the kicker........even though you paid extra for VIP somehow or another I was still waiting in line behind general admission right at the entrance of the individual attractions. It was not a very busy night but the group that I was with all agreed it was worth paying for VIP because of some of the extra perks you would obtain with the VIP ticket. I will be honest and admit that overall you did drasticly move fastener than general admission but at the actual attraction they would stop our small little group and allow general admission in first. For example at one point in time we were the only four people in the VIP line right at the front ready to enter the attraction and they held us and allowed general admission in first. I even heard a younger girl say "what the hell is the point of paying VIP if we're still getting in before them, it must suck for them" referencing us. I was just curious on anyone's thought's or opinion of this type of thing and if anyone else has experienced this before. To all the haunt owners out there maybe you could post your ways of managing line flow or some best practices for others. Thanks for reading and I hope this thread will turn into a great discussion.